Etiquette of Japanese in New Year

Etiquette of Japanese in New Year

New Year in Japan also known as Shougatsu . On this day , they usually decorate the house, work together and present Mochi Otoshidama for good luck and happiness .

1 . New Year’s Eve with family

There are many Japanese people back home to welcome the new year with family . Just like in Vietnam , South Korea , China and many other Asian countries , the Japanese new year concept is also an opportunity for loved ones to gather , review the memories of the past year .

2 . Decorating the house

The house in the new year will be decorated with lucky charms style Japanese tradition , expressing beliefs and desires in the new year . The Japanese can buy or order as a straw wreath is beautiful and talisman for good luck and hang on your front door . In addition, they should also put a side door kadomatsu ( lucky tree – a tree or through certain scenes ) , or have a comment Maneki neko ( lucky cat ) in the house , or on the desk of its a kumade ( coal rake for good luck ) .

etiquette of japanese

Maneki neko –  lucky cat  is very popular in traditional Japanese

Etiquette of Japanese in New Year .

3 . Mochi recipe

Mochi is a Japanese rice cake , tough and sweet . It is also often referred to this dish as ” O – mochi ” , ” o ” is a syllable added to the solemn , suggesting that spiritual food . Mochi is an indispensable part of the celebration of the new year in Japan . You can enjoy Mochi in many ways . People often have breakfast with hot soup dish known as Mochi is Zouni , or eaten with soy sauce or mustard . In addition , you can use fresh bread for dinner with a bit of traditional green tea .

4 . Held a Bonenkai ( old year farewell party )

This may be a party was held in the tea room with tatami mattress and Japanese style low table , or a Western-style restaurant , but the food is traditional food of Japan . It could be shashimi , soba noodle , red fish soup , fugu dishes , rice , caviar , tempura , and sake . Traditionally , Japanese people are not self- filling wine that usually fill their cups of friends to see their cup run .

Etiquette of Japanese in New Year .

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3 traditional drinks for christmas

Today I will show you 3 traditional drinks for christmas

 Cola de Mono ( Chile )

Christmas in Chile often go along with a cold glass of Cola de Mono (also known as the fun is ” monkey’s tail ” ) . From the mixed liquor aguardiente , milk , coffee, vanilla and cloves dish ” version custard Chile ” has the flavor and ingredients similar to White Russian drinks Russian . Most core issues , the taste of Cola de Mono is great , especially suitable for the end of the day . However, unlike milk eggs , Cola de Mono is only for people over the age of minors for possession of alcohol .

Cola de Mono

The Cola de Mono beautiful bottle labeled manually shut iconic Christmas greeting . Photo:

3 traditional drinks for christmas .

Cocktail custard ( Canada , U.S. )

While there is still much debate about the origin of life , the egg cocktails drinks milk is still popular around Christmas in Canada and the U.S. . In addition to the raw materials are mostly eggs , milk and sugar , it is common to add a little rum for extra flavor and body to keep warm .

Cocktail custard

Egg Cocktail drinks milk is not to be missed when you ‘re Christmas in North America . Photo: therumhowlerblog /

3 traditional drinks for christmas .

Ponche Navideno ( Mexico )

Ponche Navideno made ​​from cane sugar , apple juice , pear juice or oranges , grapes , prunes and tejocote ( usually fruit native Aztecs in Mexico and North America use ) . For those who prefer a bit of alcohol , it will be mixed with tequila , brandy or rum . If your Christmas in Mexico make sure you do not miss a chance to drink Ponche Navideno available at most retail outlets roadside .

Ponche Navideno

Ponche Navideno be cooked from a wide variety of fruits and brandy will do little more Christmas evening extra warm . Photo: muybuenocookbook /

3 traditional drinks for christmas . I’m sure you will like them .

4 best destination for christmas

Today I will show you 4 best destination for christmas

This Christmas you can go to Lapland to meet Santa Claus in the flesh , or enjoy the Christmas Markets in Germany .
 1 . Santa Claus Village , Lapland , Finland

Furniture Many children believe Santa Claus lives at the North Pole but actually Lapland , Finland was the real abode . Lapland is famous fairy land where many children in the world When she read the Snow Princess are known . Come to Lapland , visitors have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful scenery here inundated with snow covered space .

best destination for christmas

Santa Claus Village in Lapland .

Furniture One of the places we can not miss the Santa Claus post office in the town of Rovaniemi . This place is always full of letters Accompanying the Treaty ‘ s adorable babies sent worldwide . According to statistics from the Local Government , the office every year Santa Claus in Lapland Nearly 16 million letters received from 198 countries .

4 best destination for christmas .
In addition to the post office , the village of Santa Claus ( Santa Claus village ) makes Lapland Become one of the biggest tourist attraction in northern Europe , Especially each of the Christmas . The village is enclosed the between the natural landscape is extremely beautiful and spectacular with crystal blue lakes , majestic mountains , the Glaciers and snow white as pure cotton , thick forests and the murmuring Waterfalls VAST … Entering the village of Santa Claus , as we set foot into the world of a sweet fairy domain – where dreams back in his childhood was always dreaming .

Besides , We Also have the opportunity to enjoy this special place as salmon and caribou meat and participate in the exciting sport like skating ride pulled by reindeer , Rafting , fishing , camping . Also Guests have the opportunity to relax in the hotel made ​​entirely of ice and snow . Many admit chúng Tourists Attracted by the VAST wilderness of the land of this wonderful and worthy here is the top tourist destination in the world .

4 best destination for christmas .

2 . New York , USA

It would be flawed if not Classified as New York landmarks on the list of attractions of the beautiful Christmas season . Since the beginning of December , Christmas filled the air and on busy streets . The streets are decorated with brightly colored lamps . Santa Claus , giant tree , glittering garlands … xuất hiện everywhere , making this place one of the most splendid trở Christmas .

New York

Splendid Christmas in New York .

A new day starts really interesting , When you step foot into the store FAO Schwarz , the paradise of the People who love toys . This shop has Become an attractive destination of New York from the year 130 . Hotels near Plaza Furniture can bring you full of Christmas atmosphere . For shoppers , a cup of afternoon tea in the Palm Court will be mellow relaxation , where you can buy the ultimate gift for a loved one During the day .

4 best destination for christmas .

After shopping, visitors can eat Leisurely stroll on the famous street , watching the snow fall over the streets of Manhattan luxury hustle and flow of the People shopping for Christmas presents . To New York , we cũng seeing a giant Christmas tree located near the center Rockefller . This iconic dragon pine Christmas in New York . This year , local Governments spent about 45 thousand light bulbs to decorate the tree and star Swarovski 3 m in diameter near the top highlights . Thousands Attend direct light at Rockefeller tradition with millions watching live TV on NBC on 9/12 .

For those who are not afraid to wait in line at the ice rink During the holiday season , a round on the rink will close an enjoyable holiday . Everything prosperous , bustling New York will definitely save you time making this place one day longer .

4 best destination for christmas .

3 . Cologne , Germany

Ancient city of Cologne today Become Important locations and is a key commercial transportation with Germany ‘s Highest railway traffic . It is Also known as one of the city ‘s major universities , is a stronghold of multicultural and ethnically diverse , iaso tone and culture . Also Considered The city is a center of gay people.


Cologne has dedicated roads for shopping with stores selling clothing , footwear , perfume , Souvenirs … crowded . First Carnival or Christmas is the time of the shops here jubilantly promotion for visitors , and depending on brand đó prices ranging from a few dozen to a few hundred euros .

4 best destination for christmas .

Not only Tourists , many locals Also enjoy the racing promotions and furniture shopping for winter . If Accidentally drifted into the maze of shops selling jewelry , though certainly difficult to Tourists anywhere to hook it up to the pair of earrings , necklace with sophisticated design , spectacular re Both very affordable prices . But we have to buy things and move Quickly , Because the stores closed here pretty soon . More than 20h , most stores have turned off the lights .

4 best destination for christmas .

Walk to the shopping or sightseeing in Cologne , Tourists will not get tired on the road by rows of seats are available for free and enjoy beautiful wood base Performances by street artists . Helped conservatively Sax riffs and drumming , cute music emanating from the music box is turned by hand , all help visitors feel relaxed and get back mentally for a day trek .

In addition , 7 am also concentrating scattered Cologne Christmas Markets in the ancient town and harbor of Germany . Among them , the most famous bazaar under Colonge Cathedral built in the gothic architecture . Located at the foot of the cathedral in the city of Cologne , Christmas bazaar will leave you overwhelmed with Countless traditional types of goods sold as candies , ornament with many unique and beautiful designs fancy .

4 best destination for christmas .

4 . Tokyo , Japan

From mid – November until the end of the year , Neighborhoods in Tokyo , Japan Seems brighter , more dazzling under the lights of Christmas decorations Offered . The major centers like Tokyo station in Tokyo , Ikebukuro , Shinjuku , Shibuya , Roppongi , Ginza … hanging lamp illumination are known as very beautiful .


The squares are placed tree . Supermarkets sell a lot of toys for Christmas like red boots filled with candy inside , the round red silk ribbon tied pine and gilded bell , Including Christmas Panettone cakes như Italy European origin .

4 best destination for christmas .

Christmas splendor in Tokyo .

Japan is a Buddhist country , many Japanese temples nên go to church for Christmas Eve . Thay , They usually hold the party at home or offices , gifts or send postcards to friends far away . Youth is fun at the bar until dawn .

Christmas is an occasion for family members to reunite , sit together to review what has been done in years . The Japanese enjoyed the feeling of Receiving a gift in Christmas night and enjoy the hot soba noodles . One of the most meaningful gift this occasion the crimson petal Poinsettia . The most beautiful flower blooming in the Christmas season nên Normally be displayed in the corner of most pages in a Japanese family . One of the other popular gift is a mini colorful petals preserved for a long time in a glass box , Everlasting life expression of love .

4 best destination for christmas .

travel australia in january

travel australia in january

In Vietnam, Tet is winter while Australia was summer . So this beautiful country will welcome you with brilliant sandy beaches , exciting festivals in the city of Sydney Harbour , enjoy a BBQ in Melbourne …

In the atmosphere of welcoming the New Year , the Vietnamese Cabramatta area attractive all visitors including indigenous people . Still banh chung , banh tet , cherry , apricot and red couplets , whether you ‘re enjoying another festival in a different land , space and other exchanges , learn a multi-ethnic culture .

travel australia in january

travel australia in january .

Not odd as Paris , no illusion as London , Sydney out to the city of love and nostalgia . Here, you can stroll the wharf at Sydney Harbour Bridge , taking pictures ” for life ” on ” the hanger ” 4th world or long soak in the colorful symphony at the theater fairy the scalloped Opera House , the Oceanographic Museum – the world deep in an ocean Tails .

Guests also participated in the feast of seafood ” Seafood House Australia ” – Sydney fish market ; Featherdeal visit the park , Sydney Olympic Park and learn about the rare animals .

No buildings skyline , Canberra nostalgia in modern painting style garden city . You can walk the tree -lined streets and immerse yourself in the natural tranquility , watching the pair of swans are swimming in lake Burley hole Grinffin.Mot location that you can not forget Arriving Canberra , which is the war Monument and a new parliament building .


Meanwhile , Melbourne beckoning tourists with famous Dandenong ranges , tropical vegetation and ferns dust or enjoy the beautiful forests , colorful on the steam train Puffing Bill .

travel australia in january .