The mystery pink lake in Australia

The mystery pink lake in Australia

Not white or blue often seen , watercolor Hillier lake attracts tourists by rare pink .

Lake Hillier is a pink lake located on Middle Island , the largest island in the archipelago of islands in the Recherche , Western Australia . From the top looking down , Lake Hillier looks like a gum bubble inflated . That made ​​lake Hillier became extremely special .
pink lake in australia

The mystery pink lake in Australia .

Lake approximately 600 m long , is covered by a strip of sand and jungle Paperbark and Eucalyptus forests . A narrow strip of sand is covered by vegetation separates the lake to the Southern Ocean .

Unlike the pink lake in the world , such as lakes and salt lakes Retba in San Francisco Bay , scientists still have not identified the pink Hillier is due to start . However, many scientists speculated that pink lake created by the species Dunaliella salina and Halobacteria . Another hypothesis is due to a red bacteria in salt crust created . This color is not a work from sunlight , because it was taking a bucket of water from lakes and pink remains despite shifting position barrel .

Except for a few years to exploit people in this salt , island and lake pink almost intact . The lake offers visitors a most amazing sights , such as the natural wonders of the world .

In addition to Hillier , the world is a unique pink lakes such as Lake Retba ( also known as Lac Rose ) located in the Cap Vert peninsula north , north-east of the capital Dakar , Senegal . Ho Salina de Torrevieja and La Salina de La Mata salt lake is surrounded Torrevieja 2 , a coastal city in southeast Spain . Dusty Rose Lake located in British Columbia , Canada and has unusual properties . Although no salt or algae lake , but the water is still pink . Or Masazirgol (also known as Lake Masazir ) is in the Salt Lake Qaradag , near Baku , Azerbaijan .

The mystery pink lake in Australia .

The exciting experience at Algarve

Being blessed with warm sunshine and clear blue beaches and fresh seafood , Algarve , Portugal will make you feel the first time you arrive .

There are many reasons why you should definitely come here and there are many things you can do on the Algarve coast . Below is a list of interesting experience when you try to Algarve .

1 . Skydiving pair

If you intend to jump out of a plane , then at least to find where the landscape is majestic in a warm weather and blue sky with rainfall . In the Algarve , you can even share the feeling of floating in mid-air to him with double skydiving service in Portimão Airport located right next to the beautiful village of Alvor and beaches .

2 . Fun with dolphins

Who does not love dolphins ? And who does not want to spend time playing with intelligent creatures just to adorable ? With interactive program called Dolphin Emotions , Zoomarine in the Algarve is the only place across Europe can help you playing in the water with the dolphins as well as learning how to communicate with them .

3 . diving

Late in 2012 , two ships of military force Portugal was sunk off the coast of Algarve and become underwater museum attracts many tourists diving . This is a unique dive sites where you can witness large artificial reef in the world as well as the lives of the creatures on the ocean floor .

4 . surfing

Portuguese waters known for big waves , especially near the sea area Nazaré , where Garrett McNamara made ​​specifically spectacular surfing on huge waves about 30m high . The waters of the Algarve is a popular surf spot in Europe , especially for anyone aspiring to conquer the waves . Here you can see beautiful scenes or surf yourself to experience the power of the waves is small .

The bridge ‘paradise’ – wooden maze leading to the sky

The bridge ‘paradise’ – wooden maze leading to the sky .

Bridge ” paradise ” is on display at Tate Modern in Southwark – London , like a maze with 15 interlocking wooden stairs .

The ” paradise ” is a project evaluated landmark of London Design Festival 2013 . It is not only an architectural marvel designed with impressive style but also emotional value for those who love hiking . The ” paradise ” is on display at the museum lawn outside the Tate Modern in Southwark – London . 15 interlocking wooden stairs are directed to ” nowhere ” make visitors feel like the sky .

wooden maze

The bridge was built based on drawings inspired by a graphic artist MC Escher Dutch ( Maurits Cornelis Escher ) , with a total length of 436 m long and 4.5 times the height of the Big Clock Tower Ben . Stairs are made ​​of American tulipwood . This wood is appreciated by great structure , good load ratio , can withstand capacity 93 people at once .

The climb down 187 stairs climbing can cause many fears , but the stairs have railings so the two sides will also help people less scary . There are lots of stairs , with the entrance will lead you to walk around, with the entrance will lead you to the highest point , where you can clearly see the horizon over the River Thames to St . Pauls .

The ” paradise ” is on display at the exhibition from 9 am to 17 pm the day and ends on 10/10 .

A baby elephant at Ban don

Associated with the singing of elephants , Ban Don is a land famous for traditional hunting and taming wild elephants . In addition to visiting the majestic natural scenery , do not miss the opportunity to ride elephants sauntered around the village .

As the second most famous landmarks Highlands region , perhaps no one is unknown to Ban Don with questions about the elephant theater humming the fun . The Don is now a tourist attraction located in the commune Krongna , Buon Don district , Dak Lak , Buon Ma Thuot City and about 40 km northwest of the provincial direction .


ban don
The Don has traditionally hunting and taming wild elephants , so there will be no wonder that elephants weigh several tons dense here to listen to the mahout ‘s control . First step for the elephant knelt net , you will be gently lifted atop elephant Chem . The rocking sensation , protruding largest animals on jungle that tourists could not enjoy engrossed .

From elephant , peaceful scene , poetic Ban Don retractable eye . This is such beautiful islands between the Highland village erected between Sre Pork mighty stream . If riding elephants in Lak Lake , the peaceful feeling in Ban Don elephant brings adventure tourists , adventure .

It is time to grasp the handrails men groping the elephant from the shore and wading through the stream from Sre Pork . This river is the largest river system in Dak Lak , composed of so many rivers flowed rushing water . You ‘ll feel the river has never been so close and a little chilly when the mid- line . At $ 600,000 for 3 people in one hour elephant ride to explore Ban Don , Highland breath deep in your chest .

Tomb of King Elephant

By The Don pure riding elephants , do not forget to visit the graves of Khun Yu Nob , who was dubbed the King of Ban Don with 400 elephants elephants hunted . Located in the tourist complex Ban Don , King tomb elephant M’nong architecture and Lao Bao Dai by the collector for design and construction to thank for that white elephant gift fit for you and construction up a military target .

Located right next to the tomb of the king elephant successor , R’leo K’Nul , built on motif spiers of Cambodia . This is like an immutable evidence of the formation and development of Ban Don on hunting and taming wild elephants .

The old floor

To hear the thrilling story of the king hunting elephants in Ban Don , go to the old house floor in the same commune A Tri trafficking . The house 3 times , 3 roof ridge made ​​by the architecture of ethnic Lao floor and the residence of King Khun Yu Nob elephant .

Until now, the only house remaining two spaces after undergoing nearly 130 leaf season and is the most unique house in Vietnam. House is made ​​entirely of wood well as native jungle Buon Don , brake shoe , coffee chit … In particular , house roofs are elaborately shaped by members scattered by hand from wood coffee .

In a lot of memorabilia kept on life and hunting gear elephant Khun Yu Nob and successors such as the wheels and along with the image of the elephant Ama Kong , grandson Khun Yu Nob . Ama Kong is also a ” warrior elephant famous” Memphis Ju Khun just behind with 298 human achievement .

Ama Kong Wine

In the specialty in Ban Don , drink alcohol Ama Kong is associated with forest elephant story . Liquor is taken from the name of the living legend is Ama Kong Ban Don , grandson Khun Yu Nob fit . A special feature of this wine is soaked from medications including unique scale leaves, stems and roots of plants and trees in a deep forest species Buon Don . Wine is good for men should be more known as a specialty shopping for bold Ban Don .

Lawrence, grasshoppers in the lavender bush

For many travelers , like Lawrence grasshopper green notes of pineapple and smooth lavender want , see life from a dense bush calm and curious .

Retorted the patter of raindrops falling on the car window hastily , while two all forever push the lever a cloudy afternoon . Inside the car window , purple lavender bundles located in the wheel gentle , fragrant silence his throne .


Lawrence is the sixth largest city of the state of Kansas with the lovely lavender farm like that . Do not hide the excitement in his eyes seemed to know at that moment , lavender is in season and everything will happen very quickly within two weeks . On the first day of the season just blooming lavender , some young girl crept from flowers to the branches unripe cotton turned dark purple tinged pink .

Those who go see lavender in a sunny day certainly would not know what had interesting nose on a flowering branch , sleepy smell fragrant smell of the earth rushing up with the rain coming thunderstorm .

And instead of the purple flower petals dotted with black and white stripes of a beautiful butterfly haughty , people will be happy to pleasure the children chased the grasshoppers uncle quietly hiding in dusty lavender blue .

In a moment that felt like grasshoppers green notes of pineapple and smooth lavender want , see life from a dense bush calm and curious . Wind , clouds and lavender , the world ‘s only about that stuff .

In the evening , about the night sky suddenly lit lights on the kickball field . The kickball game in Lawrence Sunday night like a carnival , people carry on their shoulders the bucket of cold beer , and do not forget to go all the dogs to tow . The baby stands trifle boisterous beer gulping sound , voice chat , smoke smell wafting up in the air tube lights illuminate the courtyard below .

Everything in the stands every game kickball overly excited until drunk or too tired audience cheered because , although nobody focused on the game . In fact , take a look at kickball just an excuse for the young people in Lawrence have public outdoor courtyard for dating, drinking beer comfortable , showing off tattoos , screaming , releasing smoke …

Much awaited moment when the game is close to ending . It is at the local youth celebrate by standing up and singing the U.S. National Anthem crashed car keys into beer . If you have the opportunity to participate in such an evening in Lawrence , you should definitely look up and practice for a circuits by the end of beer before the song ends .

In a town with the placement of the baby together, you will not be surprised if you recognize yourself sitting on the sidelines, kickball match is a group of beautiful girls bisexuality and homosexuality . In the state of Kansas , Lawrence is not known tourist place . But the interesting secrets of this city lies in the parallel bars lovable eccentric . On 8th Street , Sand Bar can be sold for $ 2 a cocktail accompanied by a shark picture tubes contain alcohol .

While the restaurant yelling : ” Shark ! Shark ! Shark ! ” ( Shark ! Sharks ) , the slope drinking wine from a shark mouth on blue glass and red looking liquid has been spilled out like a shark attack . That’s when visitors realize why there are three bars on the ceiling shark effigy gasped as threatening to break down the floor .

As well past midnight , while Lawrence has pillow to sleep , visitors step on the deserted brick paved walkway between the town center , wondering why people have crammed between urban and crowded noisy America ?

* Kickball : A sport similar to baseball , but instead of using sticks to beat , the foot playing soccer . Ball used in the game is kickball rubber ball about the size of football . Kickball was born in America in the twentieth century .

nightlife in malaysia

Nightlife in malaysia

When night falls on the city is also big in Malaysia wear the gorgeous gown , modern and different.

Capital cuisine Gurney Drive , Penang
If Penang is known as the ” culinary capital ” of Malaysia , the Gurney Drive is the most delicious food of this country . Walking on the beach Gurney Drive at night , you will fully enjoy all the colors and atmosphere Penang playful , lively and vibrant . Not only that , this place is a paradise of the traditional street food famous attractions such as Penang Laksa , Bak Kuk The ( non stewed ribs herbal ) , Oh Chien ( oyster omelette ) , grilled squid … with aroma and eye-catching colors , hard to resist .

Land of Light I – City , Selangor

nightlife in malaysia
Located in Shah Alam , Selangor , I – City is known as the land of light and is one of the tourist destinations attract many tourists . CityPark and City Walk visitors will see performances mesmerizing light . Visitors can also stroll in the park , watching the impressive sculptural work to enjoy a new world of shimmer and vibrant .

nightlife in malaysia .

Sunway Pyramid Pyramid fashionable , Selagor

As part of the Sunway Lagoon theme park , commercial center will provide you with a unique shopping experience with over 300 booths . Inspired by Egyptian architecture , Sunway Pyramid is shaped like a pyramid of glass.

Kuala Lumpur’s shopping paradise

As the fourth largest shopping mall in the world , Kuala Lumpur is the paradise of shopping devotees , with the leading commercial center in the world, will take you into a fascinating world shopping . You will be spoiled for choice with so many products of different brands .

Petaling Street Night Market ancient

Petaling Street is the center of Kuala Lumpur , bringing more air and the ancient traditions of Malaysia , especially on nights when the street extension burden on the roads . Visitors can purchase anything here, from gems and jewelry to fashion , toys … It ‘s interesting when this night market is the way that visitors soak up the atmosphere of living life often with full sound and colors of the local people .

nightlife in malaysia .

Beauty of el nido

Today I will introduce you beauty of el nido

In 1996 , El Nido on the list of destinations most attractive and discreet voted by Time Magazine . El Nido Palawan is the end , the capital, Manila , Philippines , about 420 km .

Because Palawan too broad with hundreds of small islands and the deep blue sea surrounding it if you intend to choose to fly directly to El Dino go here . Palawan Island is located at the top three airports , motels dao.Cac middle and end views of the sea is always a bit dearer than the motels located across the street .

El Nido beach

Beauty of el nido .

For the Philippines , people often avoid traveling in the rainy season has continued to pour into the country from the summer until late autumn . December to April is the coolest time of the year . But the Philippines is very short summer , from March to May .

In the tourism program at El Nido islands , dive tourism is the fastest growing forms of trip to explore the coral reefs and a multitude of colorful fish in the sea . The program can be freely chosen by you to 4-6 islands a day or you can hire boats and visiting the islands . Each boat can carry from 8 to 10 guests with a delicious lunch fascinating .

Each day , from 9am boat and sail back to the mainland to reach 18h pm. Schedule : visit the island , swimming , diving, exploring the ocean. With swimsuit ready , whenever the boat docked or stopped, you can also jump into the sea and swimming loud and colorful fishes . If your qualifications are not quite swimming , you can wear lifejackets available to ensure safety in the sea . Water in the bottom loose climb easily fool you when in fact , you ‘re in very deep waters .

Beauty of el nido .

The boat three hands , a kind of traditional Filipino boat wake take you on an exploration of the endless ocean . Sapphire blue waters and clear to the bottom . On the surface , you can see the scattered coral and many colorful fish swimming around . Boats moored on a small island with white sand flat glass beach .

The small island of sand smooth with this a lot on the beach . Even each group can stay at a different island and not ” close contact ” with another group of tourists . The journey at sea , the ocean adventure with endless lasted until the afternoon , leaving everyone from head to toe black trash because the sun and wind .

Beauty of el nido .

Every day is a day exploring wonderful . Today you have been walking with colorful fish , tomorrow could be a visit to the endangered sea turtle walk or a trip to the mountains with attractive forest primeval . Relax and have fun with full sun , blue sea .

El Nido attractive not only because of the endless ocean resources , but also because of the friendly people , good service and caring heart always towards protecting nature and the environment .

Beauty of el nido .

The wonderland scene of Tisza river

The wonderland scene of Tisza river .

Tisza River covered by long -tailed mayfly mating dance of the whirling creatures only three hours to live , ” love ” and died .

Every year from late spring to early summer , the river Tisza , Hungary took place bizarre spectacle of nature . Millions of plankton known as long tail Palinggenisa longicauda focus into the mobile giant cloud on the water , to find a mate and die , all within a few hours . This is one of the most fascinating natural phenomena on rivers in Europe, takes place in 4-5 days . They named it the ” Tisza blooming season .”
Tisza river

Palinggenisa longicauda also called evanescent Tisza or Tisa , where they can find insects . Palinggenisa longicauda for 3 year life time for larval development in the mud at the bottom of the river . After hatching , the males only have time to find ” her ” for a few hours before his death and mating . The males will fly close to the river , trying fertilization success with children . Females after mating , flying upstream and drop eggs on the way . The eggs drift downstream and up to 45 days to hatch into larvae , dig deep mud hidden under three years . Once fully mature , as well as fleeting moment Tisza just three hours before he died .

There is no time for courtship , mating of the mayfly is enforceable . Approximately 20 males will mate with a female .

The activity of mayfly create beautiful scenes on the Tisza River to attract large number of people visit it every year . Visitors will admire the unique dance of nature for millions of covered pay ephemeral river . However, three hours after the end of the short life of dead plankton male covered roads , bridges near the river , affecting traffic .

Dinner in smallest restaurant in the world

Dinner in smallest restaurant in the world .

The restaurant is located in Solo Per Due Vacone countryside , Italy , famous small and unique in the world , second only to serve the customers at a time.

Solo Per Due is the place that many people are curious and want to try to experience once . Solo Per Due in Italian means ” just for two ” . True to its name , this restaurant serves only 2 clients only.

When you come here , you will not have to queue up , no waiting , never denied , but reservations at this restaurant was a big challenge . So far, only about 1,500 people have been enjoying the chance to visit interesting and unique restaurants .

smallest restaurant in the world

This little restaurant is a place very special history , the foundation around which the remaining vestiges of an ancient Roman villa belonging to the Latin poet Horace famous ( born in 65 , died in 8 BC ) .

Here, in addition to the meal , guests can also enjoy visiting the rest of the beautiful mansion with inlaid stone floors , patios and tops spring lasts Bandusia , a famous scenic each of the Horace ‘s poem .

Diners here will be personally greeted and restaurant owners led to the restaurant on the road the whole neck is lit only by candles . Here you will be served typical Italian dishes such as pasta noodles and bread with homemade olive oil , cheese, lamb , mushrooms , wild fruits grown locally , the kind of homemade pastries and sweets .

Guests will feel as relive the last century with absolute space and privacy antique decor . Solo Per Due with traditional décor with cozy fireplace , chandeliers and antique glass candlesticks create warm romantic scenes rarely seen in modern times . Meals will be illuminated by hundreds of candles , and if needed , you can call the waiter with a silver bell beside the table .

The idea of this restaurant is to serve clients with a quiet time , totally private and romantic while slowly enjoying the dishes served picky . The price of a meal here is about 335 USD per person , not including wine and champagne prices .

After a memorable time at this small restaurant , guests are invited to experience and feelings written in the book of souvenir shops.

Lake Atitlan in Guatemala

Lake Atitlan in Guatemala

As a picture perfect natural colors , Lake Atitlan is also handed a place to heal every disease, referred to as the high-handed witch of Guatemala .

Guatemala is home to the most developed civilizations of pre- Colombian America . The country has more than 40% of the indigenous population . Owning many world cultural heritage , it was made ​​of additional incentives Lake Atitlan . They handed this is where everyone can heal illness , should be such as high witch ‘s hands Guatemala . Lake was created from the mouth of the giant volcanic eruption 84,000 years ago .
Lake Atitlan

Lake Atitlan in Guatemala .

German explorer Alexander von Humboldt had uttered this is the most beautiful lake in the world . Or Aldous Huxley, British writer wrote about Atitlan : ” For me , the picturesque Lake Atitlan . It’s really good on everything . ”

Atitlan is considered to be the deepest lake in Central America , about 340 meters , an area of ​​130 km ² and is bounded south by three large volcanoes ( San Pedro , Atitlan and Tolimanet ) .
Santiago Atitlan and Panajachel is the second largest tourist city on the lake , there are also a range of bars , restaurants and hotels , many towns and villages rich e clocks hamlet nestled on the green .

Lake Atitlan in Guatemala .

Residents majority speak Spanish , and they are very hospitable , welcoming visitors with a friendly smile as he knew from long ago. The Maya lived here mainly because of agriculture, they planted corn , coffee , fishing and tourism .

Besides beautiful scenery , the lake waters during glittering like crystal . Here, visitors can participate in kayaking , parasailing or scuba diving to explore the flora and fauna and all the wild beauty of the lake . The adventurous visitors can try their best to climb up one of the three volcanoes around Lake Atitlan in Guatemala .


You can also visit Santiago , is a small city on the other side of San Pedro volcano . It has an old church built 16th century , preserved many ancient sculptures . On the bas-relief of the church , visitors can see the presence of the shaman , a form of Mayan beliefs .

Most attractions in Lake Atitlan is a trip to the village of 12, 12 apostles of Jesus . San Juan is a small village near San Pedro , where visitors can leisurely stroll and chat with locals , meet the talented artisans of the famous San Juan ethnic or enjoy sweet Sololá scale in crowded bazaars and colorful .

San Marco Village also attract visitors by peace . As a center for meditation, healing and strange things , it also has a kind of celestial travel with paranormal activity began on the fifteenth day of each month . Each day has a showers in the early afternoon so the water reservoir is always full and pure .

Lake Atitlan in Guatemala .