the most beautiful places in netherlands

The most beautiful places in netherlands you should visit

The Netherlands is regarded as ” dreamland ” with vast fields of tulips , the journey along the canals of Amsterdam inner city attraction.

1 . Hoge Veluwe National Park
Located at the southeastern edge of the Veluwe Gelderland province , Hoge Veluwe National Park is one of the largest nature reserve extends continuously on the land with an area of ​​50 km2 in the Netherlands . Hoge Veluwe landscape consists of forests , plateaus , sand dunes and lots of animals such as red deer , buffalo , wild boars live.
the most beautiful places in netherlands

The virgin forests , wild animals … attractive lovers discover .

2 . Amsterdam Canal

From the 17th century , the heyday of the Netherlands, Amsterdam – ” The Venice of the North ” , began construction of the canal system with water treatment class , including 3 main canals Herengracht , Prinsengracht and Keizersgracht , forming a solid shield belt to protect the capital city from corrosion and Xan covered by sea water . Today, along the three main canals is 1,550 with 1,500 monuments and numerous bridges over 100 km long canal grow up , be recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2006.

Amsterdam Canal
Beauty romantic , peaceful  of Amsterdam  . It’s one of the most beautiful places in netherlands you should visit .

3 . City of Utrecht

Utrecht is the oldest city in the Netherlands . With the beauty of medieval architecture , gothic architecture blends with the beauty created specific to this neighborhood . The roads , landmarks medieval in and around Utrecht will be the tourist destination that can not be ignored .

Utrecht is one of the oldest cities on the continent .

4 . Keukenhof Gardens

Known as the many visitors attracted Netherlands, Keukenhof gardens – the world’s largest flower garden , 30 km from the capital Amsterdam southwest , stretching over 30 hectares campus wide land where dozens of blooming thousands of colorful flowers fresh , where hundreds of species tulips – symbolic of the beautiful Dutch national pride reigns , ” ribbon ” untouched fragrant , shimmering colors really bring tourists place feeling titled ” Penglai first sight ” on earth .

The most beautiful places in netherlands you should visit .

5 . Leiden Canal

Also in the province South Holland , Leiden city – one of the largest centers in the 17th century , famous not only because of the school ‘s oldest university Leiden Netherlands, not only by the artist ‘s hometown of Rembrandt van Rijn canal but also by two branches of the river Rhine from lush , flowing smoothly over the years . Every year , Leiden annual festival held on 3/10 to celebrate the end of the siege of Spanish colonization in 1574 .

The festival in Leiden channel area , where is also famous for the oldest universities Netherlands, has always been the first choice of tourists arriving in the Netherlands.

the most beautiful places in netherlands .

9 most amazing cliffs in the world

9 most amazing cliffs in the world

What could be more wonderful witness of the immense ocean , listening to the waves while standing on top of the towering cliffs .

1 . Etretat
most amazing cliffs in the world
Located in the region of Normandy ( France ) , the famous white cliffs Etretat by the beautiful shapes , a source of endless inspiration for many French artists packed mind . Great painter Claude Monet (1840 – 1926) also have ” leaned ” title at the beauty giant elephant beside the deep blue waters of the painting ” L’ Aiguille and the Porte D’ Eval ” his fame . Summer, Etretat attract visitors to the beach , sun , surfing , kayaking or canoeing … Many people like to climb the hill watching the sea , walking in quiet waters or riding horses on the wall stone .

2 . Paracas


Paracas National Reserve is the conservation of nature with popular beaches on the southern coast of Peru , many species of wildlife , especially birds … always attractive .

9 most amazing cliffs in the world .

3 . White Cliffs of Dover

White Cliffs of Dover extends from the east and west of the port city of Dover, England, jutting high above the sea , is one of the ramparts offer the deepest impression to people around the world . Dover citadel at the highest point on the white cliffs , 114 meters above sea level , was built over thousands of years to prevent invasion into Europe. Along the many footpaths atop the white cliffs around Dover , beautiful scenery .
9 most amazing cliffs in the world .
4 . Latrabjarg

Located at an altitude of 440 m above sea level and stretches up to 14 km , Latrabjarg is one of three largest bird cliffs in Iceland . This is a paradise for those who like to admire the birds with many species and beautiful .

5 . Bunda

Bunda Cliffs ( Australia ) is one of the spectacular scenery and pristine in the world . Standing here with the feeling of being at the end of the world , where only the sun , sea and spectacular cliffs . Bunda stretches over 200 km , bending around the Great Australian Bight . The cliffs closely adjacent the end of the Bunda is vast Nullarbor Plain has been “hand ” natural flat trim molding .

9 most amazing cliffs in the world .

6 . Cabo Girao

Cabo Girao located in the south of the island of Madeira , Portugal . Located at an altitude of 570 meters above the sea level , is the highest cliffs in Europe with great scenery , the ocean and the house looked like the terraced fields on the green meadow …


7 . Acantilados de Los Gigantes

Acantilados de Los Gigantes , also known as the giant cliffs , the sea cliffs along the west coast of the Canary island of Tenerife . The vertical cliffs , at an altitude of 500 meters above sea level, with vast beauty , immense beauty mingles with the huge cliffs , is a tourist destination that can not be ignored .

9 most amazing cliffs in the world .
8 . Santorini

Santorini in the Cyclades island group in the Aegean Sea is located 200 km southeast of Greece . This is the largest island of a small archipelago , the circle with the same name and is the remnant of a volcano . For a long time , it was known for its steep cliffs hugging black sand beach of volcanic features , along with unique architectural features of the two colors white and blue . Santorini is essentially what remains after an enormous volcanic explosion destroyed the first settlement on a single island , and created sunken volcanic geology pan today.

9 . Moher

Cliffs of Moher , also known by the name of Cliff lovely Dandelion , is one of the top tourist destinations of Ireland , has been recognized as a Global Geopark . This stretches 8km cliff on the west coast of Ireland , located in county Clare . The highest point of the cliff is 214m . Cliff called Dandelion by simply where the roof of brilliant yellow flowers – dandelions .

9 most amazing cliffs in the world .

Most beautiful mosque in Middle East

Most beautiful mosque in Middle East

If you’re passionate Taj Mahal in India is sure you will love the beauty of Sheikh Zayed Mosque Grand .

St. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi is one of the most beautiful churches modern Middle East . The idea for the construction of this mosque from Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al he Nahyan – the late President United Arab Emirates – in the hope of uniting the country and the Muslim world .
Most beautiful mosque in Middle East

Most beautiful mosque in Middle East .

Go across the bridge leading to the island of Abu Dhabi , visitors will not be surprised from a structure in white marble , domes and minarets picky . The design of the church was inspired by the old Islamic architecture .

Besides marble mosque built mainly from gold , precious stones and ceramics , is surrounded by beautiful pool . Even under bright sunlight or at night down here carries a riveting beauty .

Sheikh Zayed Grand has now become the pride of the United Arab unity , next to the famous skyscrapers in the world. The trip to Abu Dhabi would not be complete if visitors do not visit the mosque Sheikh Zayed Grand , to admire the architecture of typical arts , and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the holy Muslim world .

Most beautiful mosque in Middle East .

If not Muslims , when visiting the mosque , especially Sheikh Zayed Grand mosque , you need to understand the rules strictly . Some attention will help you have a good tour :

Prior to mosque

Mosques have very strict rules on dress , because it shows respect for the sacred world .

– With men, do not wear T-shirts and shorts .

– For women , you will be given a wide robes and headscarves Abaya Shaila near Sheikh Zayed Grand entrance . But inside your clothes still have serious , just wear loose clothing and cover your arms, knees ( to make the best ankle ) . Another tip is if you have long hair , make high bun or ponytail tie , it will help you keep better head scarves and ensure all are covered by your hair .

– Everyone must leave shoes before entering the mosque , so it is better to choose flip-flops or loafers .

When visiting mosques

– Visitors should sign up for a tour guide for about 60 minutes . This is the best way to learn all about the church . Feel free to ask questions and tour guides will give you detailed information about the architecture , history and culture of the church .

– Maintain respect : Inside the mosque , women should always keep your hair covered . This is the reason why the headscarf Shaila . You also have to avoid all the other emotional expressions . This means no touching, even when taking pictures .

– Do not touch the Koran is the absolute rule to follow.

– At the end of the tour the church , please be assured that your shoes remain intact and do not forget to return the same clothes borrowed hijab .

Most beautiful mosque in Middle East .

thousands of animals in Yala National Park

thousands of birds in Yala National Park .

Located in an area of ​​approximately 1,000 km2 of the country’s southeastern Sri Lanka , Yala is the living area of many rare animals such as newspapers , bears , deer , crocodiles …

Yala National Park

In Yala park is pretty much concentrated wild animals after the 2004 tsunami . Because of the broad forest animals live scattered over several areas . Quite a lot of deer hide behind the dense forest that you have to strain your eyes can see . The elephants seemed to be familiar with the tourists enjoy watching so do not go over the top .

A naked black water buffalo so that they are nearly a dozen children wading in the marshes pump . The distance , a herd of deer standing near the top , slender physique , ladylike flexible legs and head held high . Meanwhile , the timid herd boar over , find a place to make hidden away on the other side dress . And away from other animals is the crocodile with his rugged so quietly crawled over damp ground . Far away , the vast forests , mountains and marshes brimming .

Vehicles often stop to visit at some point to see tourists delight . The bunny will be flashed to run when he saw the convoy rushed . Here, apart from the fox dick , tourists can witness her slowly leopards watched the prey , preparing to scramble positions ” Breakfast ” . In the vast forests are only 35 baby leopard clouded leopard . It was watching a leopard in the distance so close was a great thing and luckily for visitors .

In Yala National Park also includes the Hornbill bird , bird species are listed in the reserve list of Srilanka . Hornbill birds carrying large physique with strange beak , gently move on and live trees with ripe fruit . We choose the large nesting trees and visitors can easily distinguish males and females is due to dark circles eyes .

To facilitate a visit to Yala wild , you should go to the park near the town goes to sleep at night and early the next morning . Town Katarahama the 5-7 dollar price of a room . Rental jeep is 45 USD for 6-8 people per group . Park admission price 30 USD / person ( more than 600,000 ) .

You should go into the woods early because this is the time to go out for wild animals to eat , find it easy to meet drinking water of rare animal species . You can choose 3 frames from 5:30 to 10 am program , 5:30 to 12:30 and 5:30 to 17 pm every day , depending on the interest of each person to explore the forest.

Things you might not know about Australia

Things you might not know about Australia

As a multi-cultural country with residents and ethnicity from all over the world , the land of kangaroos owns the longest fence in the world, is home to 100 million sheep …

Dingo Fence – the world’s longest barrier

know about AustraliaThings you might not know about Australia .

Dingo Fence or hedge against dog Dingo ( wild dog featured in Australia ) was built in the 1880s and completed in 1885 , to prevent the dogs from destroying crops Dingo and sheep in southern Queensland .

This is one of the world’s longest and is the longest barrier ( 5,614 km ) . Barriers were strongly promote its effects even sometimes people can still find a few dog Dingo in the south. In the 1990s , the gap began to appear more on the fence and dog Dingo has enlisted seek pastures full of young rabbits and kangaroos to feed .

Things you might not know about Australia .

The Flying Doctor

” Medical Services Royal Flight ” also known as ” flying doctor ” is active in the health care emergencies for those who live in remote rural areas in Australia . This really is a non-profit organization helping the residents to the hospital can not easily because the distance is too far . ” Flying doctor ” is a special symbol of Australian life , by the area of ​​land so vast and sparsely populated live very , very difficult to build a lot of hospitals with adequate facilities quality .

Things you might not know about Australia .

House of 100 million sheep

At the beginning of the 21st century , it is estimated there are about 120 million sheep in Australia . Due to the effects of drought and the demand for wool decreases, the number of sheep and also down to about 100 million now . This figure is nearly 5 times the population of Australia which has just over 20 million people .

Why Canberra is the capital of Australia ?

Canberra Area was chosen as the capital of Australia in 1908 in an agreement between the two cities at the time that Sydney and Melbourne . This position is 248 km from Sydney and Melbourne 483 km . These established urban with a specific plan entirely .

The largest ranch in the world

If you saw the movie Australia by 2 famous actor Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman would play you will be impressed by the dusty ground with huge herds filled the screen . The scenery was absolutely true in real life , even more epic . Anna Creek in South Australia ‘s remote farm is considered the world’s largest with an area of ​​up to 34,000 km2 ( larger farms in Belgium and the largest farms in America with an area of ​​6,000 km2 ) . Anna Creek can accommodate about 16,000 head of cattle but now because of the drought , the cattle are grazing only about 2,000 .

Things you might not know about Australia .

Everything you want has in Kinabalu, Malaysia

Everything you want has in Kinabalu, Malaysia .

Climbing , through jungle , swimming and diving, gourmet cuisine , cultural bold and shopping malls , all on the beautiful island Kinabalu .

Flights from Kuala Lumpua Kota Kinabalu to the island takes about an hour . The atlas , free brochures that visitors get at the airport is not only a detailed introduction of the prominent tourist attractions , restaurants , motels but also buses .

Kota Kinabalu City is located on the island of Borneo ( the third largest island in the world , under the sovereignty of the three countries of Brunei , Indonesia and Malaysia ) . The beaches are pristine and the definition of service on the beach serves the needs of tourists such as surfing , hot-air ballooning , scuba diving , walking the island by canoe … If you want a night on the island with feeling really wild , you can rent tents and utensils needed for camping here .
Everything you want

Every day there are about 100 tourists and conquer Kinabalu 4,095 m peaks here . Photos : TripAdvisor .

Cool air for long long sea flavor drowned out the heat of the equatorial region . With a visit to the mosque , you should be careful about the dress issue , manually choose the shirt , pants and shoes all . If you forget to bring the peace of mind you can , because the church are available map for the visit coincides with the long black coat and head scarf exclusively for women .

In the city there are many mosques with characteristic bulbous roof and yellow highlights that from a distance you can get out . The church has strict rules for visitors , some churches are not allowed to participate in the hour of teaching experience , a few churches on the carpet just let go and not be photographed . All women are forced to scarf . The church has beautiful feet and the women are not allowed in this area . Majid Bandaraya , located outside Kinabalu is one of the most impressive temple in the voluminous works .

The island with blue water reflecting the many games the beach .

One of the other interesting things that most visitors will want to try is to visit national parks and mountain climbing . Kinabalu National Park is 754 km ² in area , is home to many plant and animal species , including the world’s largest flower iRafflesia CAMRY . Here , visitors can participate in the games explorer travel , hiking or sailing through the cascade of grim forests .

Crocker Mountain Range to 4095 m altitude is not only the center of the park but also the highest mountain in Southeast Asia . This majestic mountain is a fascinating geological history and was formed about a million years ago . Every day , there are over 100 visitors determined to conquer this famous mountain . The cost for a climb of about 200 dollars and climbing package scheduled for two days .

Kinabalu has many bustling market day . Market fruit market and sell handmade map during the day and close at 7pm . In many bazaars selling souvenirs such as eye masks , puppets and even a colorful head scarves Muslim women . Most of the women here are not masked , they can scarf colorful and modern dress when going on the street .

After 7pm is the time of night markets . The seafood stall steaming , the ABC store food ( ice water dish with condensed milk , palm sugar , roasted peanuts , red beans , canned corn and black jelly ) is located close to the market for fruit and vegetables , most tourists attraction in Kinabalu each night . Over 12 midnight , the new fair city tan and asleep .

death lake in the world

death lake in the world

Natron lake , Tanzania beauty magic with bright red as blood , as the creatures are petrified to step mysterious .

death lake

Located in northern Tanzania , lake natron no different from death on earth . The cause of this phenomenon is rare in lake alkalinity levels too high for the animals that unfortunately fell into the lake stumble decomposed and calcification . When the water level lowering , the carcasses wash ashore , coated with salt on her . With a large lake and bright as a mirror , not hard to imagine why these small animals lay unfortunate slip her into the lake .
” Culprit ” causing the volcano lake natron is a million years old Lengai Ol Doinyo south lake natron . The lava flowed down from the mountain carrying amount of other minerals, particularly with conventional seawater salt .

Identify the animal is too well preserved , the shape of our life remain , encased in the cement layer of salt . Living organisms once submerged in the lake will be destroyed in a very short time . Perhaps so that their body shape remains the same as when he was alive . Nick Brandt , a passionate photographer wildlife reconstruct the animal mummies and record images as vivid as when they were alive .

The few lucky species exist in natron are a few types of algae , bacteria and endemic flamingos . Lake Death is only the ideal place for flamingos nest during the breeding season . This is often the breeding grounds of approximately 2.5 million flamingos .

This crane species are also fall into a threat because they do not have an ideal environment for breeding other than lake natron . Alkaline environment of the lake is great traps against enemies trying to reach their nests . Lethal capability of the natron lakes provide peaceful space for breeding flamingos .

If deep water just enough , they will pass on the nest ledge salt and mud from the volcano. There are also disadvantaged eye flamingo lake and also downed become mummified in salt layer of cement and washed ashore as the other animals .

Apart from decomposing animals phenomenon is creepy lake natron also brings a magical beauty with bright red as blood by special bacteria .
death lake in the world .

Mysterious beauty of Dubai city

Mysterious beauty of Dubai city

Go to Dubai and Abu Dhabi , visitors are impressed with the Arab girl who wears tight black hooded shirt bags, Louis Vuitton shoes , Gucci … , the region’s arid desert and expensive hotels highest in the world …

The opposition gave the top two states in the United Arab Emirates is a charm in the eyes of visitors underground , beside glitz , gaudy displays are always ahead.

beauty of Dubai city

Mysterious beauty of Dubai city .

Gold Souk and Spice Market , in the words of the natives , is the image of an ancient tradition and Dubai . Gold ring world record magnitude is always the focal point for tourists to stop the most photographed . If you do not like to buy gold in the market , you can buy from the machine , simple as withdraw money from ATMs .

Not far away , spice market is no less interesting . This space is not exclusively for women . Even men are caught up in how to decorate hundreds of colorful spices , flavors and I could not help feeling like taste , to try and finally put on weight. The traditional space in Dubai not much like . Just leave these two markets and small historical museum in the world and the Bastakiya Quarter , a completely different world , a new Dubai challenged the limits of imagination opened up .

Dubai and the capital Abu Dhabi – the proud jewel Persian Gulf coast , is a paradise with no two of the world’s great architectural works. Under the ” superstars ” of which the 7 -star hotel Burj Al Arab magnificent sails of getting out of the sea has always attracted tourists of all nationalities .

Mysterious beauty of Dubai city .

When dusk falls, the hordes of people lined snake dragon “fly ” the elevator is the world’s fastest speed to conquer the tower Burj Khalifa the world’s tallest ( 828m ) , and then ” landing ” to immerse yourself in the foot tower for country music special space in length , the height of the water column in the world . In this country , ” sole and exclusive ” is always a goal and conditions of the Arabian tycoon set for architects . These are also factors like Dubai and Abu Dhabi to develop tourism and attract pockets of the billionaire superstar around the world .

More impressive is the typical picture of where the beginning of eternal lands conquered harsh trip , try thrills at Desert Safari . Seamless Land Cruiser vehicles are modern and nice guy Arabian welcome at the hotel and only had about 50 minutes after setting foot on the desert , the experience begins the way across the hot sand offers breathtaking suspense . When dusk falls, even in the desert , travelers along the Dubai open barbecue BBQ in the heart of the desert. The dancers also appeared with the hot belly dance .

Mysterious beauty of Dubai city .

The mysterious stone desert Sahara

The mysterious stone desert Sahara

Rising up from the desert sand dunes between the hot Sahara , Ennedi Plateau is impressive works of nature , especially to attract visitors interested in adventure .

Located northeast of Chad – a country in Central Africa and is surrounded by sand full of sand , this area looks like somewhere with extraterrestrial rocks stretches succession . Ennedi is not hot to play regular , almost nothing but the path stretches hundreds of miles . On this plateau is mostly locals living and passionate group of tourists traveling experience through the desert on a 4-wheel frame off-road vehicles .

stone desert sahara

The mysterious stone desert Sahara .

Yet visitors still come here . They always been fascinated by the unique landscape as the rocks were created in many shapes and attractive features decide gives feeling overwhelmed about what Mother Nature has created .

The first impression when arriving plateau easily make travelers feel like I ‘m preparing for the adventure .

Journey to the Ennedi Plateau is not for regular visitors . You have 4 days from the capital N’Dajamena car seat . In Arabic , the name of the capital that is home to relax and it really is the end of civilization before the start of 100 hours on the road traveling with dust , potholes and drive elephants . But you will have sense of adventure when you’re going into the heart of Africa, where up to 200 systems and languages ​​tribes about him .

The mysterious stone desert Sahara .

Touching Ennedi Plateau Lane , you will pass through the roads footprints nomadic camel herd . This is a magnet for climbers just to heavy to conquer the steep cliffs to the deadly heat of the desert .

Seamless offroad 4 x 4 vehicles can not pass all the tough terrain and visitors often leave them to walk . After many hours of physical torture in the end they were rewarded with beautiful scenery and spellbinding spectacular . The horizon is full of rocks more outlandish figure grew horns .

In the center harsh land , the Guelta ( puddles in the desert ) were also found . There are some wet areas where water from spraying onto the ground surface . You ‘ll be able to catch crocodiles ” horn ” rarely Nile . Ennedi tiger and lion Sahara was there but we had no shadow is recognized for a long time . However, there is good news for the camels which was not threatening predators . They gathered around the canyon cool to drink water and reserve for the journey back to the desert.

The mysterious stone desert Sahara .

Ennedi that visitors must not stop , on the cliffs , many images from the Paleolithic still exist even layer of color . How many thousands of years before they drew up the priceless paintings and affordable this is a message for posterity. We will not know exactly , but the legacy they leave behind the world for millennia been confirmed as very precious .

Roads to remote and difficult Ennedi is not only hinder visitors . Chad is considered a closed country , trapped in the whirlpool of political conflict , corruption and poverty of 10 million people trying to survive . Guests will also be able to face such dangers robbery and violence if traveling alone . A beautiful country , but not safe .

The mysterious stone desert Sahara .

Put very tasty but low price in Phuket thailand

Put very tasty but low price in Phuket thailand .

Not only have the blue sea , white sand stretches mesmerizes tourists , the famous tourist city of Thailand has both a gastronomic paradise .

Eating is the favorite subject of the Crown , and they can talk about food all day is not boring , Phuket is no exception . It was said that if you learn the specialized vocabulary of Thai food , you can understand 80% of the talk of the local population .

From flea markets to the makeshift street stalls or shops with small family only about 3-4 tables with affordable prices , all of which can be easily found in any corner What in Phuket . Even if your lazy just want to stay in the room or sitting watching the sea on the sandy beach , you call a phone that food will be served in person .

phuket thailand
Kanom Buang ( coconut cream wafers ) are sold very much in Phuket .

One of the easy and ideal way to sample street food smell good enough is to participate in a local festival . In Phuket all year round festivals held so many visitors coming though at any time there is much less chance to experience . In particular , a number of festivals that you can eat deal passion as Phuket Old Town Festival taking place on May 1-2 , Chalong Temple Fair held every year on the occasion of Lunar New Year ( Chinese New Year ) or Patong beach carnival in December . Saphan Hin Park in Phuket each month and hold a festival with different themes , but have one thing in common -the-counter food vendors are always filled . Or an interesting suggestion for those who prefer to eat vegetarian as possible to participate in the festival Phuket Vegetarian Festival held in September 9-10 every year .

The street food in Phuket is famous not only tasty , attractive pricing that is very popular . The dish is priced at less than 50 baht (about 35,000 ) that you should not ignore as Hokkien noodles , dim sum , haw mok , roti ( Thai pancakes ) , satay ( meat skewers ) or kanom Jeen ( fermented wheat ) . In addition, there are a number of delicious snacks are irresistible prices sold only a few baht on the island as khao tum mud ( sticky rice steamed banana – 8 baht / unit ) , kanom Krok ( coconut cake ) , kanom Buang ( cream crackers coconut ) , sangkaya fuk tong ( coconut custard pie and pumpkin ) or khao lam ( rice blue) .

Besides the food being sold on the streets , in Phuket also has some delicious and inexpensive restaurants that you should try as :

– Aroon Restaurant on Thalang Road serves roti bread , pasta and rice .

– Restaurant Mee Ton Poe in Clock Tower opposite the Metropole Hotel , open from noon every day of the week . You should come here very soon because of the table . Famous dish of fried Hokkien noodle restaurant and meat skewers with satay skewers baht/10 50 .

– Restaurant N.C. Restaurant opposite the Royal Phuket City on Phang Nga Road . This is one of those places sell Jeen noodles fermented kanom best in Phuket .

– Yoon Ko restaurant on Yaowarat Road is the place selling delicious Hokkien noodles where not match .

– Jade Restaurant opposite the police station on the East Chaofa , Chalong with famous dim sum .

– Number One Seafood Restaurant on Soi Bangla where the population Happy backpacker each transmission because seafood is quite cheap but delicious . This area also includes a seafood restaurant chain is different numbering always attracts many tourists.