The story of the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen

The story of the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen

Mermaid statue at the pier just pick Langelinie 100th birthday age is one of the most attractive tourist spots in the capital, Copenhagen , Denmark

Inaugurated on 23 / 8/1913 , Mermaid statue ( The Little Mermaid or Den lille havfrue in Danish ) is a gift from Carl Jacobsen ( son of the founder of the famous Carlsberg brewery ) for Museum of Copenhagen city  .

The story of the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen

The story of the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen . Mermaid sitting on a ledge at the dock Langelinie . Photo: flickr

The statue is made ​​of bronze and granite , and was inspired by the fairy tale writer Hans Christian Andersen about a mermaid gave up everything to be with the prince young and handsome face land . Each morning and evening you are swimming up from the depths of the sea water and sat on a rock , looking towards the coast longing to see hope will be their prince .

Carl Jacobsen was ” in love ” mermaid character after watching the play ballet based on the fairy tale of the same name at the Royal Danish Theatre in Copenhagen .

Captivated by the fairy tales and ballet , Carl Jacobsen ordering sculptor Edvard Eriksen mermaid statue .

The sculpture was inspired by actress Ellen Price , who starred in The Little Mermaid ballet at the Royal Opera House in 1909 .

Carl Jacobsen as the favorite actress Ellen invited Price to make molds for the statue . However, by Ellen Price refused to do nude modeling so Eriksen based on body sculpting his wife Eline Eriksen .

Mermaid statue

The story of the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen . Mermaid statue has become a symbol of Copenhagen and the Danish nation . Photo: visitcopenhagen

The destructive

Mermaid statue has repeatedly become victims of the vandalism. The statue has twice lost the head , took one arm amputated , and many times covered in spilled paint .

After each destroyed , the statue will be repaired and restored , so the mermaid can still sit in his old position on the water and welcome visitors to the Copenhagen harbor .

Today, the Little Mermaid statue is one of the tourist attractions in Copenhagen the most attractive and has become a symbol of the country’s capital Copenhagen and Denmark.

The story of the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen .

Potala Palace, Tibet culture museum

Potala Palace, Tibet culture museum

As an architectural ensemble representing Buddhist Tibet, Potala Palace is one of the world’s most impressive being built at an altitude of 3,600 m .

Potala Palace is located in Lhasa , capital of Tibet . Visit this palace complex , visitors will tour turns 3 architecture is typical winter Potala palace , Jokhan Temple and Norbulingka summer palace . The building was built with wood and stone architecture is striking for Tibetan Buddhist style , bold affect from China , India and Nepal .
Potala Palace
The Potala Palace is located on Red Mountain peaks . Photo: .

Surrounded by fortified walls , Potala winter palace located on top of the Red Hill by the first Stratum built in the period from the first century 6-7 , and was amended to create the middle in 1600 the Dalai Lama 5 .

The palace was a place of practice of the Dalai Lama to his 14th , symbolizes Tibetan Buddhism and act to preserve , spread the traditional culture of Tibet . Potala is composed of two main block Portrang Karpo ( White Palace ) and Portrang Marpo ( Red Palace ) .

White House throne of the Dalai Lama , who is also his residence . To the west is the Red Palace contains gilded stupas of the Dalai Lama . Nearby is the private monastery Gyembo Namgyel .

Potala Palace, the winter is a priceless treasure with about 698 paintings , nearly 10 thousand rolls of paper paintings and sculptures value . From the walls at the entrance to the carpet , roof , curtains … all artwork is the transmission of culture and religion in Tibet. In particular , it stores a massive collection of Buddhist scriptures and many important historical documents .

Known as the heart of Lhasa , Jokhan temple is the most sacred and important of Tibet . Jorkhang Temple was built in 642 for the purpose of spreading Buddhism and thereby became a place of worship Buddha .

Temple kept more than 3,000 images of Buddha , deities , and other historical figures and many manuscript records the historical development of religion in Tibet. From the city of Lhasa has three main roads to the pilgrims walk up to the temple . Many people worship the walk along the route to achieve Buddha wishes to comprehend .

clown festival mexico

clown festival mexico

Hundreds of clowns from throughout Latin America flock to Mexico to participate in the festival for the clown is held here every year .

These days filled Mexico City colors and incredibly fun when hundreds of happy clown parade  in 18th  international  festival clown . This festival is like meeting for those who bring laughter to everyone .

Clown festival mexico

Clown festival mexico .The clown face brings laughter to all around the world .

Also known as the ” festival of laughter ” and the Association of Latin American countries are  founder , this year the festival attracts clowns from countries like Peru , Nicaragua , Costa Rica and the United States .

Pingo clown said : ” This year we welcome the 18th festival with more than 500 clowns from 12 countries have flocked to it . Annually , we discuss together  experience how to become a true clown . ”

Attending the festival , the clown will learn more skills , experience and trend updates .

These clowns will attend workshops to hone experiences , through which they will be updated with new costumes and best as shoes , makeup , wigs and amusing way for audience , especially children .

” We are a collective solidarity without borders and racial discrimination . Thing we want to do is always for the best affection for children around the world,”  Torrejita clown  said .


Each clown brings his own definition of hometown to Clown festival mexico .

Pompin clowns same point : ” To train ourselves better , just have to work every day . Fortunately , we are well trained and do not suffer too much pressure as the other job .”

The clown is very important in lives and culture of Mexico . They usually perform on the street and make a few pesos each day . Festival for the clown is held annually in part to find who supports for the entertainment industry . Each year thousands of trained clowns and professional in Mexico estimates that more than 10,000 clowns .
Clown festival mexico.

Where the Atlantic and Caribbean meet

Where the Atlantic and Caribbean meet

Eleuthera Island in the Bahamas is home to the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea just merged together through a stone slit , gives the most amazing images of nature .

Eleuthera is one of the nation’s island Bahamas , Nassau is the capital, about 80 km to the east . The island is 180 km long , 1.6 km wide . What makes Eleuthera is famous pale blue waters of the Caribbean Sea facing the green, and deep chasms thousands of feet of the Atlantic Ocean just over a cliff .

Where the Atlantic and Caribbean meet
Where the Atlantic and Caribbean meet . Seen from above easily recognize the difference in the two colors of the sea . Photo: .

One of the most amazing places to look at both the sea adjoining the Glass Window Bridge . The bridge linking the town to the Lower Bogue Gregory at the narrowest point of the island . It is also the most visited tourists to Eleuthera .

Here , you can visually see and compare two different blue of the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean . Under the bridge is low as a rock band gap barrier beach sometimes .

In previous centuries there has been a natural stone bridge connecting the north and south banks of Eleuthera Island . By the 1940s , more storms to break rocks and structural concrete Glass Window bridge was built instead.

Where the Atlantic and Caribbean meet .

Decades passed, Glass Window regularly maintained and repaired . 1992 hurricanes caused damage to bridges caused strong transport hampered the banks . Followed by Hurricane Floyd in 1999 destroyed almost the entire Window Glass and it takes several months to Queen highway traffic .

The surface of Eleuthera geographical changes too much from it . The road workers on the island always busy roads and bridges reinforced by the effects of erosion from waves.

Visitors can drive themselves or rent a car to visit the special bridge . If your going to take the rocks out to sea , in this perspective , you will definitely feel Mother Nature ‘s results have boundless creativity .
Strong Atlantic

Strong Atlantic while Caribbean seems more quiet . Photo: .

However, you have to be careful when visiting the bridge along the rocks around especially when rough seas . These waves can be extremely powerful to hit the deck and then spill over at any time . Since there is no reef to restrict the power of the waves from the shore off the bucket , so at great risk both transport and knocked overboard .

Also, in Eleuthera , visitors can also play Surfers surf at south coast town of Gregory , the Atlantic coast , where the waves are pretty high and second only to Hawaii (USA ) . Life on the island is very peaceful people very hospitable . You can visit the restaurants , popular restaurants to enjoy the local seafood or relaxing on the beach side of the bar

Where the Atlantic and Caribbean meet .

yellow leaves in tokyo

yellow leaves in tokyo

Tokyo intrigued by the architectural integrity of the ancient temples combined charms of the modern works , is considered one of the cities with the dynamic rhythm of life , all leading Asian pop .

Located Tokyo , Japan, about 70 km to the northwest , Narita airport is very modern building . When the flight from Vietnam to Tokyo landed here , visitors can catch a bus straight to the hotel in Tokyo , takes about 2 hours away by rail or overhead, or slow boat . Luxury is by taxi for transportation in Tokyo is very expensive .

Tokyo the most beautiful in the spring , from March to April , when the cherry blossoms colors exploding sun blisters , brightly across the roads or the campus , in the city of temples . White , pink blend of natural earth . Somewhere throughout the campus , at full bloom , people gather under the canopy of flowers inside the cup of warm sake esophagus , eating together , singing . Weekends with the people here really like festivals .
yellow leaves in tokyo
yellow leaves in tokyo. Photo: Imgur .

But in the fall , around October , November , Tokyo is magnificent , as the city is covered with a yellow, red autumn leaves , the air is clean and fresh . The bank almond tree with fan -shaped leaves twisting in the canopy . Brightly colored maple leaves were changing to red , a brilliant airspace . Yellow , red intertwined themselves , creating beautiful colors throughout the grounds , temples that tourists are not surprised from .

The Japanese give themselves a rest period really . The natural beauty of the stupor when we step on the yellow carpet . On the streets , children playing , shouting , jumping , couples romantic stroll , taking pictures of each other under the rug gold leaf , red . Flood gurgles pupils cycling , boisterous laugh , old people together arm in arm , walking under the sun collection .
yellow leaves in tokyo .

But Tokyo is also attractive because the integrity of the ancient architecture combined with the allure of modern construction and dynamic rhythms , all leading Asian pop . It still retains the old houses are hundreds of years old with a tile roof , wooden pillars and painted wooden signs in Asakusa , is recognized as a world cultural heritage .
beautiful red leaves
The beautiful red leaves carpet the roads around . Photo: Autumn .

It was fun walking the streets Nakamise only 200 m in length , where the shops sold souvenirs, traditional Japanese sweets or visit the Sensoji temple in Tokyo ‘s oldest , where you can feel received the traditional culture of the land of the rising sun .

Leave seem quaint , visitors can also experience the dizzying changes by the modern right in this city . The skyscraper houses the most modern in the world, the crowded streets , the bustling crowds poured from the district offices, subway stations , busy day and night . So Tokyo was considered one of the busiest cities in the world. In the city , transportation is most appropriate by subway convenient , safe and cheap .
yellow leaves in tokyo .

If you want to see the city from above , visitors can climb the tower Tokyo . From more than 300 m altitude , visitors can see the famous attractions such as the aquarium , wax museum and amusement park Disneyland is always crowded with tourists .

Tokyo was considered one of the busiest cities in the world. Photo: tic – booking .

Tokyo is one of the most expensive cities in the world . In addition to fashion items , visitors can search for items “made in Japan ” quality . Ameyoko Mall near Ueno station is considered to be the giant flea market sells snacks , popular clothes that any visitor can also visit .
yellow leaves in tokyo .

Mysterious Forest in Poland

Mysterious Forest in Poland

Step into the mysterious jungle lie and drop his books in the trunk bent 90 degrees , is ideal to experience a quiet trip .

True to its name , ” Las Krzywy ” ( curved forest ) is a forest of about 400 pine trees located adjacent to the lower body bent nearly 90 degrees mysteriously . About this forest lies in the vast forests of Poland, close to the borders of Germany .
Mysterious Forest in Poland
Mysterious Forest in Poland . Photo: krzywylas .

This forest was planted at the right time of the Second World War . At that time , the forest actually belongs to Germany in 1945 and belongs to the Poles , so no one knows exactly what the Germans or the Poles have grown up around this strange forest .

Many scientists have different explanations for this mysterious forests . There are people that shaped tree bent down towards the ground so that the influence of gravity in strange areas . May argue that the old days when the big snow slide member , the trunk was blocked but not broken but bent trunk inertia , and so continued to develop .
Go forests lie

Go forests lie on the trunk curved like a hammock . Photo: DailyMail .

And the locals are confirmed , the large tanks of the Soviet army used during War II went through the forest , leaving the stalks bent but not broken today .

In addition, there is an explanation , the ancient planters were bending , bending the tree shape around the time they are 10 years of age . The curved trunk will be used to close the curved body style wooden boat ancient Poles , or to play in the interior .

This seems to be the most reasonable explanation , because we now have the tricks to grow and adjust the direction of the trunk grows liking . However , the way the ancient people used to ” bend ” hundreds of bathing trunks are going to disappear forever mankind .

Perhaps , you should ignore all the explanations , just the woods , immersed in the mystery and leaned back in the ” hammock natural ” , to enjoy quiet moments .
Mysterious Forest in Poland .

5 places you should visit in the world

5 places you should visit in the world

They are places where everyone wants travel  .
1.Avenue of the baobab trees , Madagascar

Along the dirt road connecting Morondava and Belon’I Tsiribihina Menabe western region of Madagascar is the giant baobab trees reach up to the sky . This scene looks like a place out of the earth and the most attractive destinations in the island nation off the coast of Africa. July 2007 , boulevard was put on the list of countries protected by the ” Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment , Water and Forests ‘ issue . This is the first step in transforming the venue into a national symbol .

Along the way are dozens of large baobab trees 30 m in height they adansonia grandidieri , endemic only in Madagascar . Many baobab trees have a lifespan of up to 800 years and is part of the tropical forests remain today. Over the years , the country’s population is increasing , they have cut down forests for agriculture , leaving huge baobab trees .
the places you should visit

The baobab trees higher than 30 m and 8 centuries old is becoming a valuable asset of Madagascar . Photo: Wikipedia .
5 places you should visit in the world .
2.Dynamic glow worm , New Zealand

Waitomo , New Zealand is an ordinary quartz , but thanks to the glow stick insects all over cliffs have attracted curious visitors . The insect emits phosphorescent caves turned into a sparkling starry sky .

The interesting point is the fact that this insect is luminous larvae . When all larvae shine , they mistook the prey is out and the sky is not how it will fly comfortably and finally stick to the traps available . The larvae are as hungry as strong glow . You can take a boat into the heart to look at this magnificent spectacle .

5 places you should visit in the world .
3.Dune Pyla , France

Bordeaux is situated approximately 60 km south of Arcachon Bay , Europe’s highest sand dunes called Great Dune of Pylan ( or Pilat ) rose to 107 m above sea level . From above , you can see sand stand between a jungle and across a vast ocean .

It contains the best sand with silica particles have a uniform size . This is the ideal place to play sports paragliding , athletes often climb , gearing and borrowing winds to the air with colorful umbrellas .

5 places you should visit in the world .
4.Ice Hotel , Sweden

Although there are many ice hotels in Finland , Canada ( Québec ) , Norway and Romania , but Jukkasjärvi hotels , New Sweden is the oldest and the most famous . Located 200 kilometers north of the Arctic route ( Arctic Circle – a circle drawn in the fifth on the world map ) , in a small village in Lapland , the hotel offers full- band space is extremely impressive .
Ice Hotel

The hotel just opened in the winter months due to the summer ice will melt . Every year people re- build one hotel to serve tourists . Stay in the ice hotel will certainly be an unforgettable experience for anyone who is looking for something new .

5 places you should visit in the world .
5.The capital of the kingdom of bears , Canada

Churchill is a town on the banks of Hudson Bay in Manitoba , Canada . It focuses bulk polar bears reside . In the fall , they move to the coast and then inland to make a name called ” the capital of the kingdom of bears .” Tourists flock here to see bears close-up big and strong north polar region . They are transported in tank trucks have improved and the heart of the ” capital ” . Late October and early November is an ideal time to visit thousands of white bears . They wait patiently for the water to freeze on Hudson Bay to hunt quiche is the fatty seals round .

5 places you should visit in the world .

Bungee Jumping at Macau Tower

Bungee Jumping at Macau Tower

Come to Hong Kong and Macau Tower let himself out by taking part in bungee jumping game , you will ” spiraling labor ” from a height of 233 m .

Macau Tower is the key locations of the city of Macau and is one of the most famous bungee jump in the world. Tower was designed by Gordon Moller , the famous architect of New Zealand . The work was completed in 12/ 2001 2 year anniversary in Macau on returning to China.

This is the 8th tallest tower in Asia and the 10th highest in the world ( 338 m ) , a member of the Federation of the world’s tallest tower . Macau Tower is really attractive tourist destination , attracting more than a million people visit each year .

Bungee Jumping at Macau Tower
Bungee Jumping at Macau Tower . Photo: xtremespots .

When bungee jumping , players will freefall bungee jump from the bridge at speeds up to 200 km per hour . The freefall lasted 4-5 seconds before the bungee rope 50 m long stretch starting approximately 4 times its natural length . Finally , players will continue to pop up in the distance jumped nearly 30 m above the ground .

Macau Tower Bungee jumping is jumping with the most technical of its kind in the world . Cables along the sides that allows the player to jump close to the tower without any collisions . Distance that the player is only a few meters of concrete tower during a bungee jump . In addition , players are equipped with a tie wrap to close and secure the foot .

In 2006, only 5 years after the tower opened , world record for ” highest bungee jump from a building ” has been defeated by the same people who had previously set a record in the Guinness Book of Records – AJ Hacknett . AJ Hacknett the famous bungee jump , each set many records in terms of bungee jumping as well as many similar sports . AJ helped Hacknett sport adventure bungee jumping became famous and popular all over the world .

Opening Hours :

Monday – Thursday : 11h – 19h30

Friday , Saturday and Sunday : 10h – 21h .


Costs bungee jumping ( includes certificate, membership card and T-shirt ) is 2.688 HKD ( about 347 USD ) for the first time jump and 888 HKD ( about 115 USD) to jump next time .
Bungee Jumping at Macau Tower .

44 euro to experience Paris at night

44 euro to experience Paris at night

With the amount of 44 euro you are likely to discover that some features of the magnificent capital of France in one night.
International airport Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris is the capital ‘s main airport and is the European hub of many flights to other countries in the Schengen area . If you have to transit at Charles de Gaulle overnight , then do not hesitate to send luggage at the airport and catch the car into the city to explore the world capital light with 44 euros ( about 1.3 million) .

The first thing you need to do is try as much sleep on the plane by the flight from Vietnam to Paris in less than 10 hours long . If you can not sleep on the move , even just a little nap so as to arrive healthy and just starting the journey .

9 euro to move into the city center by bus or metro

Distance from international airport Charles de Gaulle in Paris center is more than 30 km and can move in many ways . If you go metro , you will buy tickets to Chatelet – Les – Halles station and take the train to transition toward Cité Universitaire . Go where you walk to the Saint Michel – Notre Dame to start Versailles metro direction , down the Champ de Mars station ( walking on the ground as the Eiffel Tower ) . If you go Bus will drop you at the opera house . From here , you go towards Balard metro M8 , École Militaire to the station and walk to the Eiffel Tower .
Paris at night

Eiffel Tower – the pride of France .

Take the metro in Paris when the city began to light you will see a lot of interesting things . The capital of France is one of the places in Europe to focus a lot of Vietnam metro to go in the evening you will encounter many children and they are willing to just give you more experience before exploring Paris by night .

In the train , you will see many tired faces after a day of work come home totally drunk seems opposed to singing and playing the music of artists performing at metro streets looking to make some money last days . Sometimes they stir up the wagon with vibrant music , but also at a tender love song , sweet as a French kiss . Paris will come into your mind starting from the image of the street artists .
experience Paris at night .
8 euro to buy the last ticket on the second floor of the Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower is the symbol not only of France but also the pride of the people of Paris . ” Bureau of yellow iron ” This charming place is ” forced ” to go to anyone arriving this magnificent city . In the dark , the Eiffel Tower and the horns emit yellow light magic . If you first see this wonder of the night , you will probably be ” straight up ” in a few seconds at the beauty of it . Please buy the last ticket of the day (around 22h30 ) to the second floor panoramic Paris Eiffel Tower at night . Go late shift will rarely have to queue and will not be as crowded scene on the tower .
scene of Paris
The scene of Paris is saw from the second floor of the Eiffel Tower .

Standing on the world famous tower , you will understand why Paris is called by the rhetoric as ” capital light ” , ” golden cities ” . You can see the Arc de Triomphe , Champ – Elysee Avenue or River Seine gentle sparkle in the night and can be reached out to blue light in the distance like the city of Gatsby in his famous story ” the Great Gatsby ” writer F. Scott Fitzgerald .
experience Paris at night .
15 euro for a meal at a restaurant the night indigenous

In the area around the Eiffel Tower there are many restaurants and cafes open 24/24h . Please choose a place like that and enjoy meals right ” of ” Paris for the price of 15 euros . You can call steak , foie gras pate , potato soup served with French bread , or grilled salmon with a delicious glass of red wine . Dine between poetic view of Paris night would be an experience that you never forget.

0 euro to Paris at midnight stroll

After a hearty breakfast the night , spend the remaining time to walk the stone path in the dim yellow lights . To move your soul , slow feet walked on the road and eye opening , you will see Paris at night how much beauty .

Quiet streets , little chilly night from the wind , the yellow light from the street lamp pours sparkling river Seine , a few sporadic street musicians still stand at the corner of small town charm with his music , looking for love lock on the river Seine to the young couple … Take a walk in the Seine near the Eiffel tower , you will also come across the boat carrying tourists cruises on the river and over a bridge , waving to each visitor goodbye . This is a feature in Paris .

A restaurant near the Eiffel Tower is open 24/24 .

Maybe if you’re lucky , you also have the carriage he had put Gil in ” Midnight in Paris ” became prosperous in France in the 1920s .

3 euro to take a taxi to the nearest metro station or where the bus

After you have experienced the beauty part of Paris at night , if you still feel fit and have time to linger , you try to wait for sunrise and early breakfast with croissants . And when tired then wait to catch a taxi ( about 3 euros / person if attending four people – 12 euros / car four seats) to the nearest metro station or the Opera House ( which caught the airport bus ) .

When sitting on the bus , ask the driver to open the famous song ” Joe le Taxi ” by singer Vanessa Paradis to see Paris in the early morning melodies pulsating music .

9 euro to return to Charles de Gaulle airport

Metro in Paris will cease operations after 12 midnight weekdays and 1am the following weekend . The bus was after 1am on weekdays and 2am the following weekend . Earliest flight of the metro and the bus 5am and be assured that the transport in Paris is always on time .

Instead of wandering in airports or sitting café – shopping , take advantage of transit time to create a memorable adventure at midnight in the magnificent capital of France .
experience Paris at night .

i love you wall in paris france

i love you wall in paris france

Created by the phrase ” I love you ” in 300 different languages ​​, this is an attractive destination for the capital ‘s light .

Wall , ” I love you ” is placed in the center of the garden Abbesses in Montmartre , Paris ( France ) . The wall has an area of about 40 m2 and is made up of a total of 612 ceramic tiles . The phrase ” I love you ” was written more than 1,000 times with more than 300 different languages ​​, covering the entire wall surface .

I love you
I love you wall in paris france .The phrase ” I love you ” in different languages ​​. Photo: Fee .

The mural was created by two artists Frederic Baron and Claire Kito . This is considered an ideal place for dating couples and a solid monument to the worship of eternal love .

This is where the lovers come to enjoy photography .

The phrase ” I love you ” in different languages ​​with Frederic Baron is collected in the book by the embassy door and ask people of neighboring countries . He had collected the expression of intense emotion of love in more than 300 languages ​​around the world . Then , Frederic Baron asked Claire Kito , an artist specializing in oriental calligraphy , writing the phrase on the wall .

The wall is also considered a solid monument to the worship of eternal love .

Frederic Baron said : ” The explosion of colors in the mural represent pieces of a broken heart , the heart of man , too, is sometimes broken into pieces and wall this is where we try to gather together . ”

I love you wall in paris france .