The experience culture trip in the sunrise country

The experience culture trip in the sunrise country .

Culture with a unique blend of traditional and modern Japanese made ​​become the ideal destination for those who love to explore .


Art enjoy a traditional tea ceremony has the country’s longstanding Japanese . The steps in the process of tea , tea will be followed by four basic principles jaku wa kei sei aka Hoa – Glass – Bar – Pure . Wa – harmony ( between man and nature ) , kei – respect (for others, sei – purity ( of mind ) and jaku – silence . Purpose of the tea ceremony is directed to clean the air by his soul to nature , from that to the cultivation of enlightenment .

sunrise country

Many visitors choose to participate in the tea ceremony while in Kyoto , the city is famous by the classic elegant beauty , its traditions bold . Note that in this tea party , bring the relatively bitter tea because tea drinking originated from matcha – a green tea powder . Therefore, cakes usually served with , just to lessen the bitterness has increased the taste of green tea .


In modern-day Japan , so for as we can see geisha , except that where traditional Kyoto geisha strongest remaining . Trained a standard way of traditional disciplines such as classical Japanese dance , flower arrangement , tea ceremony … geisha become very popular throughout the years of the 19th century . But today the geisha still active but the number is declining . Geisha are not prostitutes , they are both talented artists perform dance music had the ability to talk , and is known for its sophisticated style makeup and costumes traditional kimono .

Today, it is difficult to catch a true geisha in Kyoto standards because they often appear only in private clubs , but occasionally can be seen walking on the geisha district of Gion streets at dusk . Besides this place also hosts many concerts geisha that anyone can join. Although this may not be true geisha standards , they also share the transmission characteristics of traditional Japanese culture to visitors .


This wine is traditionally cooked Japanese rice . Sake has emerged from a year ago and is an integral part of the spiritual and cultural life of the Japanese ( sake plays a very important role in a number of Shinto ritual ) . This is a very popular drink , second only to beer consumption .

Sake is meant sip and enjoy . There are hundreds of factories in Japan Sake , abundant species with taste and different flavors . Depending on the type of sake that wine stored in different ways : hot , cold or at room temperature . Because the sake enjoy relatively complex , it would be great if you try different types of sake under the professional guidance of those who served at the bar .


Perhaps food is the most exported around the world from Japan is sushi . Although the bar can find this special rice rolls in almost all countries in the world , but nothing is being enjoyed by hundreds of sushi on the ground produced it .

My favorite place to explore and enjoy the freshest sushi around the area Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo . Come to the market early in the morning to admire the fish market scene with lots of sea creatures , then walk into a sushi restaurant to enjoy this delicious fresh food . Or you can choose to combine sightseeing tour Tsukiji fish market with a basic course sushi .

Sumo Wrestling

Sumo is a traditional martial arts are all Japanese citizens honor . In fact , it is the national sport . This wrestling has a history of hundreds of years and have close relationships with the ritual dances of the Shinto religion . A wrestling match usually has many ritual elements so gladiators must comply with extremely strict regime , as the monks so .

Visitors can very easily participate in a sumo wrestling match in Tokyo , Osaka or in any major city in Japan .

Modern youth culture

Japan, which is known for its history and rich cultural traditions , but also very well known in terms of popular culture ( pop culture ) colorful and extremely unique .

A stroll around the ring through the streets of Tokyo will help you have a more comprehensive view of modern culture of Japan. Especially when visit Harajuku neighborhood , you will see a lot of young Japanese dressed in full fashion style , or were dressed in costumes cosplay ( dress up like comic character , video game , cartoon ) or even style ” kawaii ” ( cute ) .

Even more interesting is when you arrive in Akihabara , also known as the famous electronics market in Tokyo . Visit the area at night to see the bright lights sparkling while going along the electronics stores and a variety of shops dedicated to the fans of comics , anime … Go to Akihabara , you will have the feeling seems to be making a trip to the future .

Unique state of Rajasthan, India

Unique state of Rajasthan India

The world famous with beautiful golden sand dunes , architecture , cultural heritage … , the state of Rajasthan is one of the only tourist attractions that visitors should not miss the opportunity to visit western India .


In its travel itinerary with train Palace on Wheel , visitors will admire the stunning beauty of places like Jaipur ( capital of Rajasthan ) , ramparts Jaisamer gold , blue city Jodhpur , national parks Ramthambhor , symbol of chivalry Chittorgarp , romantic city of lakes Udaipur , Bharatpur bird sanctuary and the spirit of the Mughal capital Agra before returning to Delhi .

Unique state of Rajasthan India .

The palace was meticulously polished , the white building located on the lake shimmering in Udaiour , splendor of Jaisalmer city with honey yellow glow from the desert , the city of Jodhpur seems to glow with pieces blue and pink city Jaipur passionate … will be the highlights and unforgettable during the tourists visiting Rajasthan .

Located in western Rajasthan and covered the entire area Jodhpur , Jaisalmer , Barmer and Bikaner , the desert of Thar would be ideal for guests interested in exploring the natural beauty and wildlife . The most outstanding feature of the Thar desert is beautiful golden sand dunes and camels are very much used as a major means of transportation in this area . The strong fortress and the magnificent palace built on top of a high hill in the Thar desert as contributing embellished vivid for this area .

For guests interested in enjoying the quiet atmosphere after a long tour and want to experience new things in Rajasthan , the Rajasthan heritage villa is the best option .

Special culture .

Go to Rajasthan , seemingly visitors are visiting one of the museums with huge outdoor historical sites and ancient relics are well preserved . At the same time , the traditional dances bold Indian culture and unique cuisine will leave visitors more good impression of this peaceful land .

Unique state of Rajasthan India .

The simulation bold Indian culture .

Rajasthan which is famous for festivals and traditional fairs . So , you’ll have many opportunities to discover the unique culture of this land . Desert Festival ( February ) of Jaisalmer to celebrate the life of nomads in the desert region of Rajasthan through song and dance . Pushkar fair (January 11) near Ajmer attracts thousands of tourists visit each year . Teej Festival ( August ) welcomed the emergence of strong monsoon , usually held first. Festival of Holi ( March ) is celebrated with the people throwing paint at each other with the elephant procession was accompanied by more of the dancer dances are fun and unique .

Besides , Rajasthan is also famous for painting beautiful , unique music , culture rich folk . Guests will really fascinated by the folk dance of Rajasthan Ghoomar and Kalbeliya . The fluid moves , the vibrant colors of the costumes along with the details of the beautiful jewelry in the dancers … Highlights were created for each dance .

Guests also do not forget to enjoy the special dishes of Rajasthan – India made ​​in many styles . The perfect combination of spices with nutrient composition of foods such as vegetables , whole grains , fruits and beans … will satisfy every visitor ‘s taste .


Visitors can tour the whole area with its beautiful Rajasthan famous train Palace on Wheels . The car ‘s passenger rail carrier is designed as a replica of the old -style room Maharajas ( dynasties of ancient India ) .

Style and quality of service that the train company brings will certainly satisfy tourists from everywhere . We can say , traveling by train Palace on Wheels is one of the exciting experience that tourists should not miss when in Rajasthan .
Unique state of Rajasthan India .

Explore the Las Fallas festival in Valencia

Explore the Las Fallas festival in Valencia

Not only famous team named by the city , Valencia also attract visitors by lively festivals , bold Mediterranean colors called Las Fallas .

Las Fallas festival in Valencia
Located on the charming Mediterranean coast , is the central city of Valencia in Spain . It has the old architecture mixed with the ultra- modern building . Because the heat of the summer days and cool air in the winter to Valencia attracts tourists all year round , whether to enjoy the atmosphere of Las Fallas festival in the spring or the bustling atmosphere of Christmas .

Explore the Las Fallas festival in Valencia .

Las Fallas festival in Valencia typical to welcome spring and celebrate St. Joseph . On the occasion of Las Fallas , the city celebrated with parades , floats , fireworks , singing dancing , fashion shows , bullfighting … and red fire because of the huge effigies were burned in the street , called Falla in the final night . The meaning of this festival marks the end of a cold winter and warm welcome of the spring day .

Many Falla be adapted to the mythology , history , famous artists , the cartoon character with Meticulous attention to detail with pretty pictures sometimes naked – it ‘s much easier to Guest blush , but they have a very deep sense of human nature , on the lower left side of social existence . People take days Valencia , unleash new creative possibilities make the paper lively audience that night to compete in the final and will burn everything. In the central area , Falla put before public buildings often have a height equal to that building , sometimes up to 30 meters … the most admired aesthetic of this effigy . Expression , smiles are all vivid Falla .

Explore the Las Fallas festival in Valencia .

In this festival , tourists have a chance to watch the women Valencia charming and noble , beautiful girls in traditional costumes , and is probably the most beautiful hairstyles are making their fussy during several hours . Every day , about 2 hours of Las Fallas week , thousands of people gathered around Plaza del Ayuntamiento Square to witness a fireworks display are the people here to be able to ” shake the ground .” By 10:30 , the small effigies were made ​​by the children began to fire . At midnight , in turn, the larger effigy burning and 1 h light , most award effigy before the building is the city’s largest fire festival to end . The whole sky lit up in flames .

In Valencia ‘s most famous dish is probably mixed fried rice – called paella Valencia . Century 18 , on special occasions , people usually cook the rice dish paella Valencia family . At the end of the 19th century , this dish is widely available throughout the country Spain, and it was considered as an indispensable dish here. Paella prepared paella -style freedom , depending on preferences you can choose each material , for example, may be a combination of meat , seafood , seasonal vegetables , and beans . Colors of Paella dish is always something that diners enjoy . It is the pure yellow of saffron , green beans are peeled of the top decorative rice , or red of crawfish au (for seafood rice ) with chicken and vegetables .

These days in Valencia would be impressed by the exotic allure of a festival like no other , cuisine by the way , by the unique work … It still preserved the traditional culture , always harbored a friendly smile on the lips of the people .

Explore the Las Fallas festival in Valencia .