Nightlife in Tokyo

Nightlife in Tokyo

Tokyo is most expensive city in the world, crazy city and the hustle of the day job , but also a dazzling city lights of sleepless nights .

From nightclubs with loud electronic music , to the delicious cocktail connoisseurs and those sidewalk cafes , the city that never sleeps, there are many things to captivate those who are looking for a night memorable .
Nightlife in Tokyo

Nightlife in Tokyo .

Night lights shining down illuminating sidewalks workaholics who are looking for a fun game night . Connoisseurs are always looking to the east of the county , starting a night at Eleven , luxury bar formerly known as Space Lab Yellow . The difference compared to the club ” wild ” than in Roppongi , this bar playing reggae music every week , famous for wines and soft luxury clients .

But the fun takes place in Roppongi , best known for the role partying and ” stirring ” to dock , which left an impression on those who first came to Tokyo . Let’s go dancing shoes on and headed to the Super Deluxe , a space filled with art and music experience hidden in the basement of an abandoned building , where you can sip the natives a little Tokyo Ale , or tasted homemade pizza or vegetarian curries , the white leather sofa luxury .
bar in tokyo

You should mingle with the natives enjoy cocktails attractive and vibrant music when visiting Zoetrope . This is really where ” indulge a meal ” Whether you choose to try whiskey or a random menu item with ambiguous names unknown. In the dim light surrounds who tipsy , silent films will be projected on the walls at night and colorful surrealist paintings of Takeo Kimura .

Nightlife in Tokyo .

Dinner in the heart of Japan’s capital is also quite interesting . For example, in Isen , one of Tokyo ‘s most delicious restaurant tucked away in a narrow alley , on the second floor of the office building anonymous . Once inside , choose seats at the counter eating the wooden puzzle and watch the chefs working in the open kitchen . If sushi is your favorite item , then walk towards the famous Tsukiji Fish Market in the world, with up to 450 different kinds of fresh fish to choose delight .

And not to be missed , it’s Womb , fashionable nightclub has appeared in films Inarritu ‘s Babel , spread over four floors with the top-quality laser beam and an impressive sound system with house music , electro and techno . If you love the music of international DJs such as Fatboy Slim and Paul Van Dyck go to Ageha , all native Japanese nightclub . Consistency between industrial Shin Kiba , with four bars, an outdoor swimming pool and a private dance floor . This club is a perfect place to dance until dawn.

When the first rays of the sun through the window , find the way back to the hotel. Across the bedroom and went straight to the spa for beauty treatment rooms , sauna and swimming pool , where you can kicked off the shoes and feet refreshing jump into the blue waters throughout .

Nightlife in Tokyo .

Unforgettable Mid Autumn Festival in Hong Kong

Unforgettable Mid Autumn Festival in Hong Kong

September is the perfect time to visit Hong Kong . Not only by the receiver cool weather , but also because a mid-autumn festival unforgettable .

Mid-Autumn Festival this year takes place from 14 to 22/9 . As every year , festooned glow of lanterns in all shapes , colors , sizes , vibrant with the traditional dragon dances and sweet in flavor cake . All blends create special charm of port cities Tet reunion every occasion .
Mid-Autumn Festival in Hong Kong

Unforgettable Mid Autumn Festival in Hong Kong .

Autumn starts from the Tang Dynasty ( 618-907 ) , when farmers celebrate the full moon change thanks to a bumper crop . On 19/9 ( 15/8 lunar calendar ) , most coronary full moon , many people will carry paper lanterns down the road and pilgrimage . If you have the time in Hong Kong , do not hesitate to join the Mid-Autumn Festival . Buy a lantern price “soft ” from any store on the way and to see Victoria Park in Causeway Bay or The Peak in the center . These two locations are city people preferred gathered to welcome Autumn .


Mooncakes appeared from Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368) has become an indispensable item in August fifteenth occasion . The small round cakes of lotus seed with egg yolk symbolizes the full moon . Has become customary for generations now, every Mid-Autumn Festival , people have donated cakes for family , relatives and friends .

Today, moon cakes are the creative types . Personal gear can include everything from ice cream to the crushed – cotton and black mushrooms .

Tai Hang Fire Dragon Dance

Tai Hang Fire Dragon Dance
Most characteristic activities of the festival is the parade of Tai Hang fire dragon ( from 18 to 20 /9) . Dragon 67 m long , made ​​of straw and covered with tens of thousands of incense sticks are burned . Tai Hang fire dragon dance scene from the fire created unique . Since the 19th century , the people of Tai Hang create this dragon dances to prevent bad luck to their villages .

Unforgettable Mid Autumn Festival in Hong Kong .

It is said that one day not too long before Mid-Autumn Festival , more than 100 years ago , a hurricane hit the fishing village of Tai Hang , then pull the plague and occurs both feed a snake of people village . Fortune teller said that the only way to prevent this misfortune is running three days and three nights in the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival . The villagers made ​​a huge dragon of straw and sticks , then lit the drums , firecrackers Tai Hang around for three days and three nights . Then epidemic really disappeared .

The dance continued sustain today and become intangible cultural heritage of Hong Kong .

Unforgettable Mid Autumn Festival in Hong Kong

New in Autumn 2013

New Feature at this year ‘s Mid-Autumn story lamp three named Rising Moon ( moon up ) , made ​​from 7,000 plastic bottles and other recycled materials . This particular lamp is floating on a lake in Victoria Park .

Rising Moon
In addition, many of the artists lantern craftsmen are on display at various locations , including the Land of lanterns of Victoria Park , which also sold products and handicrafts food .

Unforgettable Mid Autumn Festival in Hong Kong .

Nan Madol, a forgotten town on the Pacific

Nan Madol is a ruined city beyond the east coast of the island of Pohnpei , in the Federated States of Micronesia , the Pacific Ocean to the west .

By Nan Madol on a small boat , we have no idea what their devastation that was about to see . The undulating waves of the Pacific Ocean seems to subside when we surf boat through the mangrove channel grows narrower sides closely . The basalt column first appeared in the clear water . Nan Madol is probably important historical treasure has never been recognized by UNESCO as world heritage .

Nan Madol

The fact and fiction of Nan Madol confused mixture , making sure it does not have to believe anything . But one thing can be sure that the foundation of this land was built from the eighth or ninth century AD , along with the striking architecture is formed around the thirteenth century . This area extends over 80 hectares and consists of 92 artificial islands . This is the only ancient city in the world built on the foundation stone coral .

Why would anyone build this city ? Legend has it that two brothers from the West Olosipa and Olosopa to Nan Madol was built as a place where the ritual takes place most tribes . They use magic to fly up to build high walls up to 10 meters from the stone weighs 50 tons and 6 m long .

While the miraculous elements of the story are disputed , there is clear is that people have abandoned this land from the sixteenth century , the seventeenth . Nan Madol is still back there in the quiet , overgrown trees and subtle mystery . Many Nan Madol Pohnpei away because they believe that this is the abode of the soul which is best not to bother . We walked carefully around one of the large islands around the hexagonal rocks were covered by overgrown trees Sake .

Nan Madol is most beautiful when seen from the water . We climbed up the boat and swam across the island , admire the city of broader vision , and broth by how much effort was poured into this project .

If Nan Madol somewhere else in the world , it will surely attract thousands of tourists every day , because it really is a unique place . However, during the two hours here , we did not encounter one other than his union 7 .

The Pohnpei wary of hordes of tourists flock to massively disrupt the holy land , but on the other hand , an island which must rely on external assistance will gain many benefits if open source development tourism development.

Ownership of this land belongs to Nahnmwarki , the head of the autonomous region in southeastern Pohnpei . He has yet to cede control of land to the government Micronesia or any outside organizations such as UNESCO . It is in talks to take Nan Madol on the list of UNESCO and to fund repairs , monument conservation , but it is still a complicated process and takes time .

Until then , those who do not mind long tortuous journey to get to Nan Madol Pohnpei and will have the opportunity to explore the land still looks this great wilderness .

mid autumn festival around the world

Mid Autumn festival around the world

In the Mid-Autumn holiday , always round and brightest moon of the year . The parents hung the lights for kids flower as a symbol of civilization . And each place to tell different stories about the Mid-Autumn Festival area .

For the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival appeared 3,000 years ago and was held on 15/8 lunar calendar . At the end of the harvest , the harvest home to celebrate with a big meal including mooncakes red bean or lotus seed .

Mid-Autumn Festival

mid autumn festival around the world .

Most of the story explains the origin of the Mid-Autumn Festival which is related to the legend of Chang’e her life on the moon along with the Rabbit Pearl . Legend has it that his wife Chang’e Houyi marksmanship . One day , with the rising sun 10 sky , causing human disaster . Hou Yi shot down nine take the offer and only to the sun to bring back the light . Heaven admire the talents of Hou Yi and want to invite him to paradise .

mid autumn festival around the world .

Hou Yi did not want to leave Chang’e to live his immortal life , to hold him to his wife elixir . A student of Hou Yi knows her secret , and jealous of all the talent , he waited until the 15th of August to enter the house Hou Yi . Staff at Hou Yi was away , he needs to put Chang’e elixir for him , but Chang refused . She swallowed her medicine into the sky . Because injured husband , Chang’e the moon to choose where to be seen in Hou Yi .

When Hou Yi know , his mercy and incredibly sad . He brings things like fruit cake that Chang’e put the garden to sacrifice for Chang’e . People soon learned that action , and because of her grief and Chang’e , they join in the sacrifice with Hou Yi .

mid autumn festival around the world .

In the Mid-Autumn holiday , always round and brightest moon of the year . The parents hung the lights for kids flower as a symbol of civilization . It is said that the light was first obtained as the Tang Dynasty to symbolize the bumper crop and toys . Before it became the star he is today lamp , it uses mythological characters , animals or symbols of local culture to decorate the lamp .

Moon cake is one of the symbols typical of the Mid-Autumn Festival . The cake circle represents prosperity and solidarity of the family . There are many explanations of the origin of bread , one of them said that Emperor Tang Taizong was presented with a cake to celebrate his gift to defeat the Hun . It was the fifteenth day of August , and Taizong was pointing at the moon and said he wanted his men ate the same tonight . The practice that developed from the Chinese .

mid autumn festival around the world .

In some places in China , in addition to the lights hanging flowers and cake , the Korean minority in Changbai Mountain region ( bordering the North Korean border ) is made ​​from the wood of the house and called it ” moon house ” . Turks in Gansu put water in a pot at home to moonlight reflecting surface , and then use the tree hit the water in the Autumn night .

Mid-Autumn Festival is held in many parts of the world , especially the Chinese community and the Vietnamese living overseas . In Vietnam , the Mid-Autumn Festival for children is mainly because the concept of the Vietnamese people , the pure innocent child has the closest links with the spiritual world . Therefore festival held for children as well as ways to contact the dead and the divine order .

mid autumn festival around the world .

In the Philippines , the Chinese people to share cake and all relatives , friends and neighbors , whether or not the Chinese . They also participate in a game called Dice autumn .

In Taiwan , the day of the mid-autumn full moon night is on holidays . All people welcome the collection held by the outdoor cooking activities . Taipei City is the 11 parks located next to rivers and lakes to serve the needs of the institution of the family income . Here they can cook , eat , and families can get acquainted , celebrate together .

In other countries , the Chinatown ( Chinatown ) is always meticulously prepared for the annual Mid-Autumn . In addition to family activities , the Chinese also organize night drama in traditional theater , and the whole town is decorated by bright lights of all kinds . In Los Angeles ‘s Chinatown , the Mid-Autumn night event is offered to all people regardless of Chinese or other ethnic groups , and all are free.

mid autumn festival around the world .

Church in cave of Zabbeleen, Egypt

Church in cave of Zabbeleen, Egypt

Village ” junk ” Cairo suburb owns the Middle East ‘s largest church , located in a unique cave with a capacity of 20,000 people .
Saint Simon Monastery , also known as the Cathedral Cave , located in the southeast of Cairo , Egypt . This area is called ” garbage city ” because most of the people living here Zabbaleen employed to collect waste . The Zabbale are descendants of farmers who migrated from Upper Egypt to Cairo in 1940. Running from poor harvest crops and poverty, they came to the city looking for work and made ​​temporary settlements around Cairo . Initially , their life quite difficult with conventional pigs, goats , chickens and other animals . But in the end , they also found work brought better income : collecting and sorting garbage . Those Zabbaleen waste classification from households in the city , take usable items and sell things more valuable, while the organic waste becomes food for cattle .

Church inthe cave

Church in cave of Zabbeleen, Egypt .

For years , the temporary settlements of Zabbale to move around the city to evade authorities . Finally , a large group settled on the cliffs of Mokattam quarries or Moquattam eastern edge of the city. This area population growth from 1980 to 8000 community ” junk ” in the capital, Cairo ‘s largest with more than 30,000 people living Zabbale .

Egyptians mostly Muslim , but 90% of people Zabbale the Coptic Christians ( Coptic is the Egyptian language was used until the 17th century ) . Christian community in Egypt is very rare . So , people still prefer to reside Zabbale Mokattam and their communities , although many fully capable of buildings elsewhere .

Local Coptic Church in Mokattam village was built in 1975 . After church , people feel safer Zabbale and start focusing peaceful settlement with the solid brick house , stone . Previously was expelled from Giza in 1970 , the only Zabbale live in makeshift huts . In 1976 a major fire occurred in Manshiyat Nasir . The villagers began to build the first church in the mountain Mokattam mountain in the area of ​​1000 m2 . Several other churches were also built . Cave Church of St. Simon in Mokattam is the largest church in the Middle East with a capacity of 20,000 people .

Church in cave of Zabbeleen, Egypt .

unique cuisine in Sicilian

unique cuisine in Sicilian

Speak about Sicily , certainly from ” mafia ” will appear first in your thoughts . But the little known fact that this is a point where interference with colorful cultural history oldest .

unique cuisine in Sicilian
In the south of Italy , Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea . Fertile areas contributed to the kitchens of the people here , but it is always fresh and delicious food : olive , orange , lemon , tomatoes , pistachios , almonds … not to mention the seafood caught in waters immediately shield for parish Sicilian cuisine is distinctive but still diverse . Here are some dishes that you should definitely be sampled if the opportunity arrived in Sicily .

1 . Arancini :

List of Italian rice dish with lamb ragu of casseroles , mozzarella cheese and split pea is popular street food in Sicily . Arancini are considered ” cousins ​​” of bar food from Rome , Suppli ( a snack mon resembles a ball of rice and also mozzarella ) .

2 . Pani ca meusa :

The name of this dish means ” Banh mi spleen ice cream .” Listening to it you’ll be a little bit funk . This is the sesame bread sandwiches calf spleen and lung chopping . However, the flavor is rather tasty cuisine and regional specialties is a Palermo .

3 . Pane e pannelle :

Pane e pannelle street food is very regional favorites Palermo . Panelle – chickpea ( ga beans / horse beans ) fried will be sandwiched between two slices of bread as sandwiches that we normally see .

4 . Sfincione :

This dish pizza dishes resemble familiar but even better than me . Recommended and very delicious waffles , toppings lap la onions , cheese caciocavallo ( a type of Italian cheese made ​​from cow’s milk or sheep’s milk ) , bread crumbs and olive oil .

5 . Caponata :

Like many other dishes of Sicily , mon Caponata with cardiac surgery is the main raw material . Chopping eggplant are fried and then , will then be mixed with balsamic vinegar ( a type of sweet sex ) , county Caper ( Caper county ) , sometimes with pine nuts and raisins all . Result, you will have a sweet sour salad . Caponata can be eaten alone or become Contorno ( side dish ) to eat ice cream with main dishes .

The luxury accommodation in Dubai

The luxury accommodation in Dubai

The stunning artificial structures , hotels , upscale restaurants lavish shows , sumptuous and unique that any visitor must also admiring the city to the Middle East .

Burj Al Arab Hotel located on an artificial island in Dubai , overlooking the Persian Gulf . Sails of a hotel on the beach is known as one of the world’s most luxurious 2-storey ultra-luxury 20 room , 4 swimming pools , a private beach club , butler service on request needs of each client.

luxury accommodation in Dubai
With the shuttle from the airport in a Rolls Royce , Mercedes or helicopter … worthy Burj Al Arab is located in the highest point of luxury . Inside , the lobby areas filled with colorful designs harkened Islam, with extensive design and spacious , all rooms have nice view of the bay , desert or city .

The luxury accommodation in Dubai .

Al Qasr Hotel ( also known as The Palace ) to bring a unique beauty , lies in the crossover segment Jumeirah Beach and Al Sufouh . In the evening , seemed fanciful from hundreds of lit bulbs that you thought this was inlaid with gold property .

Upon entering the hotel lobby , you will be surprised by the fragrant of thousands of rose petals were scattered around the pool . Those in this room are overlooking the canal Arabeque and Persian Gulf . In the room , colors, brown , gold key that you lost in the kingdom, the power of the king . Room rates range from $ 1,100 per night .

6 star hotel Atlantis The Palm Roa located on artificial islands Palm Jumeirah palm tree decorated with 1,529 rooms were beautiful , sumptuous . Low rates starting from 800 USD and up to $ 26,000 a night .

The luxury accommodation in Dubai .

One of the main features of the Atlantis is the unique space of the bathroom . You will experience the feeling downright enjoy exploring the network of water pouring down from the ceiling here . The guests passionate about exploring underwater life certainly can not miss the opportunity to just relax in the tub while watching modern design look of sea creatures swimming.

The restaurant and bedrooms are surrounded by ocean with many ocean species . The resort also has an outdoor pet with the rich variety and 20 dolphins .

Kempinski Mall of the Emirates is not only a shopping center but the hotel is the most luxurious 5 star Dubai , located on Sheikh Zayed Road . Not only is a five star hotel for the fashion followers , it gives you great scenery from desert to Ski Dubai , one of the artificial sand sliding largest planet .

The hotel also has beautiful rooms with exquisitely designed wooden or fireplace is very special . From the bedroom to the dining room , visitors can see the ski , sled or a penguin in the fridge is about 22,500 square meters .

Kempinski Mall of the Emirates , Sheikh Zayed road , which cost about 281 USD per night .

The luxury accommodation in Dubai .

Snow street in Japan

Snow street in Japan

Tateyama Kurobe Alpine snow road also known as the Great Snow Walls attractions in Japan , attracting thousands of visitors every year .

When planning your Japan trip , you usually think of the popular destinations in Tokyo , Osaka and the ancient capital of Kyoto … However , Japan is not only that , originating Tang also points to new , if less impressive , after the water you should definitely plan to return to this wonderful place . One of them is ” snow route ” Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Snow aka Great Walls . It attracts thousands of visitors each year .

Snow street in Japan

Snow street in Japan .

Due to the winter lasts from November to April it snows in this area more than 20m thick . As soon as the snow stopped falling , the Japanese embarked on a cleaner, compressed snow , dig through the thick snow made ​​roads passing through spectacular mountains north of Japan. Vehicles are primarily in electric vehicles , buses and cable cars .

Ignoring the noisy bustle of the city , you will be overwhelmed with the vast space of the snow white snow in this great offer . The gift of nature and creativity of people made ​​special way . With snow wall runs 90km a long way , you ‘ll be spoiled watching the beauty of snow , the snow lay hands on the wall , walking on the path between the spotless snow walls towering around with.

Snow street Japan

Not only the pure white snow , snow routes and paths running through almost all of the most beautiful scenery of mountains and valleys Tateyama Kurobe as Kurobe – the largest hydroelectric dam in Japan , a height of about 186m , is arrested across the Kurobe river . You will be amazed at the great work and ecstasy in the beautiful space of Kurobe River emerald sparkle in the sun .

In addition, visitors also have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the landscape of Tateyama , one of the sacred mountains in Japan , part of the National Park Chubu sangakus . The appropriate time for you to admire the way the snow is on June – September .

Snow street in Japan .

Trevi fountain in Rome

Trevi fountain in Rome

Trip to Rome will not be complete unless you get to the Trevi fountain ( Fontana di Trevi ) , an architectural masterpiece of the most famous of the Eternal City .


Trevi fountain

From the Hollywood film makers to explore the potential and take Trevi fountain as the backdrop for the classic works of cinema as ” La dolce vita ” or ” Three coins in the fountain ” ( Three coins in the fountain water ) , the multitude of tourists flocked to admire the fountain eyes . Even today , many tourists wish to find everlasting love what they’ve seen in movies .
Trevi fountain in Rome .

Trevi Fountain was built in 1723 , leaning back in a mansion . This place was once the Roman gutters , mountain spring water for the city to serve the people. Today, the water in Trevi is still considered sacred spring water which is called Aqua Vergine people .

At night , the Trevi fountain became more magnificent when the street lamps lit , highlighting the image of the sea god Neptune . According to the locals , the Trevi fountain in her reflection of the state of the sea , while the dynamic static .

Trevi fountain in Rome .

As a large concentration of locals as well as tourists worldwide , in dayy always filled air of hope and joy. It is estimated there are about 3,000 euros per day is thrown into the fountain . This amount is recorded at night and used to subsidize the poor in Rome .

According to legend , if you want to go back to Rome throw a coin into the water . Flexibility are estimated to experience , you have to go back and tossed a coin with his right hand over the left shoulder .

Let’s say Rome wants back when you throw a coin over his left shoulder with his right hand down to the Trevi fountain .

Trevi Fountain is just a picture of ancient Rome , represents both a thriving city it is today . So do not hesitate to bookmark this handbook where your tour , you will certainly be overwhelmed by the feeling of magic , the love that it brings .

Trevi fountain in Rome .

Green space in the heart of Tokyo

Visitors can easily find four ‘ green space ‘ peaceful , creative in the heart of Tokyo Modern and vibrant .

When referring to an industrial country , consuming tons of electronics every year , whaling activities or nuclear disaster , people often think of the ” land of the rising sun ” . Few Japanese pictured a green and environmentally friendly . However, you’ll easily see where there is no breakthrough initiatives for environmental solutions such as Japan since arriving in this country.

Pasona garden

Prominent green building , is unique Pasona corporate headquarters in Marunouchi district . No one can mistake of building Pasona by countless small tree branch growing out of the floor board . Inside the company equally “green ” , especially canteen area , looks like the greenhouse pots hanging by the ceiling . Furthermore, the campus has buildings farm growing vegetables , even the rice plant . The 1.5 hectare farm , with the support of artificial light , can be harvested three times a year .

Green space

However, it consumes a lot of energy to maintain the farm house . Pasona company said they do not recommend this project as an ecological solution . Works as an effort to promote understanding of environmental issues and food supply industry . More importantly , this is a pioneering experiment to develop urban farms in the other . The visit here will be no charge , but you should be set.

Agricultural markets UNU

Taking place every Saturday and Sunday , from 10h – 16h at Aoyama United Nations University ( UNU ) , the market sold fresh organic products and handicrafts map . The market has attracted traders flavoring , natural cosmetics and some other items . The best time to visit here is from 17h – 19h Saturday of the third week of every month when taking out version ‘ night market ‘ .

Shinijuku Gyoen Park

The park is located in Yoyogi Koen center with gardens and traditional Korakuen Kiyosumi Teien . This is the ideal place to rest , relax , away from the noise of life . Spread over 58 hectares , the park is over 100 years old garden style combination of three countries England, France and Japan .

Shinijuku Gyoen Park
In spring , the garden filled with delicate pink cherry blossoms . Summer roses in the French style gardens bloom , the most splendid . When autumn comes , the streets littered lawns interspersed with colorful fallen leaves . All year round , Shinijuku Gyoen is a perfect garden . Tickets to the park are not expensive , only $ 2.4 .

” Village ” Yoyogi

It takes only 10 minutes walk from the port of Shinijuka Sendagaya Gyoen , this land is present as ” the blue wing ” of Tokyo . It is called ” villages ” started in 2011 by manufacturing magnate pop – rock band from Japan – Mr . Children collaborate with Kurkku , which owns restaurant chains – the café and ecological ” green design ” of stores and libraries in Omotesando .

Village Yoyogi
” Village ” is designed to cool the two walls , trees along the wooden walkway , modern architecture , but simply to make up the comfortable shopping scene . Complex includes clothing store with organic fabrics environmentally friendly , an Italian-style restaurant , a friendly café , an elegant spa and bar .