Top 10 most beautiful state of United States

Top 10 most beautiful state of United States

If you intend to travel in the U.S. , you should not ignore the state beautiful landscape below.

1 . State of California

most beautiful states

California is known as the most beautiful states in the U.S. by the great beauty of the beaches , the picturesque vineyards and majestic landscape of mountains , forests , lakes , parks , desert … Besides , California also addresses many tourist attractions such as Hollywood , Disneyland , Yosemite national Park , Napa valley and San Francisco Bay .

2 . Montana State

Montana StateMontana – land of unspoiled landscape and blue sky – is one of the most beautiful states in America . The address where tourism is popular in Glacier National Park , Lawis & Clark Trail , Yellowstone , Big ski resort Ski or rocky mountains west of Montana .

Top 10 most beautiful state of United States .

3 .   Alaska State

Alaska State

Reaching out of the Arctic Ocean , Alaska is the state with the largest area in the United States . Alaska is a great combination of endless snow-capped mountains and river systems and lakes, diverse wildlife , rich . It is also regarded as a paradise for lovers of adventure and a place to admire the beautiful scenery in the world .

4 . Utah State
Utah State

Utah is known as the state with the incredible beauty of the natural wonders . Here, visitors will admire the beauty of Arches National Park , Canyonlands National Park and Stone Mountain Basin – home to the best ski resort in the United States .

Top 10 most beautiful state of United States .

5 . Arizona State

Arizona State

Arizona State is where a lot of the most frequent visitors to the United States . It has stunning views of the canyon , forest , lake and river valleys weird .

Top 10 most beautiful state of United States .

6 . Hawaii


Hawaii is known for its unique culture as well as the abundance of fauna and flora and the natural landscape . This is the only U.S. state made ​​up of islands and there are many great sanctuaries National Monument Papahanaumokuakea , Haleakala National Park , National Park Hawaii Volcanoes … The place attracts many visitors especially Pearl Harbor , Maui , Big Island and Kauai .

Top 10 most beautiful state of United States .

7 . State of Colorado

Owning a series of scenic spots in the national parks , ski resorts , the wildlife conservation … , Colorado is in the top 10 of America’s most beautiful state . Colorado has the natural beauty of the landscapes and the diversity , the richness of nature. From the stunning beauty of the rocky mountains to the Colorado River gorge deep in the address are attracting tourists to come here .

8 . Michigan State

Michigan State

Michigan State luckier than other states in the U.S. because there are many large lakes and natural beauty. The scenic highlights may be mentioned here that Pictured Rocks , Mackinac Island , the wildlife preserve Isle Royale , Sleeping Bear sand dunes …

Top 10 most beautiful state of United States .

9 . State of Oregon
Oregon State

Oregon is one of the states in the American popular culture and landscape . Besides the beauty of Steens Mountain , Crater Lake National Park , famous places in this state is the coast of Oregon , Columbia Historic Highway Lake and Cascade Lake Highway . Oregon is such a great gift that ” mother nature ” bestowed on American soil .

Top 10 most beautiful state of United States .

10 . Florida State

Florida State
The state of Florida is located in the southernmost point of the U.S. . It has a harmonious blend of blue beaches , colorful cities , romantic light , balmy weather and the sweet Latin tunes .

With beautiful Miami beaches such as Venice of America and the entertainment world’s most famous – Disney World , Florida is always an ideal destination for tourists . The highlight here is the gorgeous beaches , vibrant life of people and a lot of hidden outback interesting things for you to discover .

Top 10 most beautiful state of  United States .

Cursed Island in Italy

Cursed Island in Italy

The mysterious death and misfortune happened to the owner of the villa on the beautiful island off the coast of Italy piled into risk that it deserted island .

Fast wizard is an island in Naples , Italy , located in the Gulf of Naples , the center Gaiola marine park . The island consists of two small islands beautiful and peaceful . Located on the southern coast of Posillipo and only about 30 m , very convenient to get to the island fast wizard . Between two islands in the fast wizard is a small bridge , narrow, natural texture with relatively short length . On the island is the only villa lone uninhabited .

Cursed Island in Italy

Cursed Island in Italy .

Initially , the small island known as Euplea , ” who ” protect peace on the sea and the small temple where the worship of Venus . There’s also some Roman relics from another time . In fact , the monument is located in the island and this has become ” home ” for the sea creatures .

Early 19th century , the island was inhabited by a hermit named ” The Wizard ” . Shortly thereafter , the villa was built here . Fast wizard seems to be the perfect location . However, local people believe that the island was cursed , by the owners of villas on the island have died mysterious turn .

The curse on the beautiful island

A series of misfortunes began in the 1920s , when the owner of the island , the Swiss Hans Braun is found murdered and body wrapped in a carpet . Some time later , his wife also drowned in the sea .

The next owner of the villa is Grunback Otto , Germany . He died of a heart attack while on the island . Fate , pharmacist Maurice Yves Sandoz , after mastering the island crazy and committed suicide in a psychiatric ward in Switzerland .

The owner then was Gianni Agneli , Fiat boss . After owning the island , the only son of Mr. and suicide . After the death of his son , his grandson Gianni raise Fiat executive , but soon his nephew also died at age 33 due to a rare cancer .

A series of unfortunate story happened to the owner of the villa on the island fast wizard that nobody can explain . After owning mansions ” haunted ” , grandson of billionaire Paul Getty was kidnapped . The owner finally Gianpasquale Grappone , who was jailed for insurance companies making losses .

Cursed Island in Italy .

Night sleep between Cuc Phuong National Park

Night sleep between Cuc Phuong National Park .

Spacious contemporary expression of thousands with cool blue will make people forget their tiredness . Dust of 120 km road from Hanoi to Cuc Phuong ( Ninh Binh ) will vanish when stepping through the gate into the jungle .

Sugar crept into the forest through the trees . The late afternoon sun was collected light thin mist gave way to divert around the table space . Where , ringed birds chirping hear each other on the call , his voice insects hiding in the green grass . Night and darkness to quickly spread rapidly throughout the alleys and side streets . Sparse road lights .

Cuc Phuong National Park
From the forest in the middle of the forest about 20 km , the distance is not very long , but because of the poetry of a night ride in the wind incessant whispering of leaves thousands that anyone not in a hurry to go fast . The car tandem arrays of light to scan the sides . Each time a steeper line , each time a dense forest and sparse absent more . Clear nights are cold enough and windy night full cheeks do more hands pressed deep into his pockets to help cool .

Donate to the wing several times to Cuc Phuong run just to get some time inhaling the flavor of the forest . Between open space , hundreds of thousands of cool plants , sometimes they just interested in walking the trails , look for the rare species in the dense forests or sometimes three times running joke bicycle inversely , happily enjoying the fresh air this . There is not much to go away , they just swinging on the swing foot tapping front resort , squinting happily with sunlight dancing through the foliage .

Wooden house deep in the forest mingle with friendly forests . Night on the small balcony of the house breaks around the forest , a warm cup of tea with you the story of the people . Partly down cold . Smell of incense , the taste death nail cinnamon wafting from the small burner in golden candlelight as confidential . Wind gently , not enough candles , made ​​only more aromatic wood , extra long flowing story . In addition to the space jungle , faint smell of wet earth , his throne of grass , the smell of wood and fog .

Wake Forest visitors travel by song songbird . English chirping chatter that most guys also have trouble sleeping leaning chin on hand to enjoy. In tune with joy to praise the sun, with joyful smiles of happy couples , are welcome song of the jungle . Coo .

Both forests as newly washed overnight dew soaked bathroom . The morning light adorn the mist and gently scratching the grass barefoot . A yellow and white butterfly butterflies beams underneath the walkway , passing footsteps enough to make beautiful butterflies fluttering . The spider is holding blinds low beams , pay later crackling grasshoppers jump grass , coconut beetle leaf silence … It looks like things are busy with their own work , as well noisy rush , all well described and down , somewhere in the deep forests , the insects are making a more beautiful forests .

When the stranger passionately absorbed in the natural beauty of the morning , it seems, how anxiety and fatigue are all melted together beautiful vivid colors of the jungle . Although time has passed away , a night to Cuc Phuong still deep in a corner in the hearts of those who once experienced , then be attached and then re- run occasionally in the arms of the jungle .

Monuments of the ancient Greeks in Turkey

Monuments of the ancient Greeks in Turkey .

The country is Troy culture and long history . Upon arriving here , visitors will not be out before the surprise of thousands of years old from the time of ancient Greece are still present next to modern buildings .
ancient Greeks in Turkey

Trojan – Canakkale

Those who love the legend of Greek mythology are not unaware of the drama revolves around famous Trojan War . The horse into Troy as a symbol of wisdom in battle has attracted millions of tourists each year visit Canakkale . According to the ancient Greek historian , a Trojan is formed from the twelfth century BC . The historian has a different interpretation of the Trojan War that the prosperity and wealth which is the source of conflicts and disputes . At that time , the city of Troy is located right next to a sea port with lots of passing ships . Trade sales make up the rich lands of Troy and more solidly built with a certain round .

Today, when tourists visit the ancient ruins of Troy , will be witnessed solid 9 rounds , though has gone through the events of history , and the anecdotal stories of people with excitement as had happened yesterday. Two Trojan horse , a horse at the ancient ruins of the Trojan horse and a new Hollywood film crew donated this land will be rewarding for those who love and want to admire the unique symbol .

City of Ephesus – Kusadasi

The fluctuations in the Earth’s geological make receding sea , plus the damage to the Trojan War began to wane . Seaport Kusadasi began to emerge as a convenient trade . As a result, the city of Ephesus was built gradually and become more prosperous in the first century BC . Ephesus is a symbol not only of the time of the economic , but also a center of culture, religion and education . The remaining works typical of today include : Atermis temple , one of the seven wonders of the ancient world , ancient Celsus Library with a collection of thousands of books everywhere reserved for the nobility ; Maria’s house , where historians believe is where Mary lived her last days … but only restored 15% of documented fact , but what remains the world do not from impressed by the grandeur , prosperity ruled the empire from time immemorial have built for this land .

City Hierapolis – Pamukkale

Hierapolis was built right next to the ” Cotton Castle ” also known as ” Cotton Castle ” Pamukkale province . Pamukkale is famous for hot spring formed ” terraces ” limestone by the accumulation of minerals and has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1988. Besides , this is the only place on earth you can see snow at 40 degrees C. ” Natural Pearl ” Cotton Castle at Pamukkale ever set foot Cleopatra and soak in the mineral-rich hot springs source because it is very good for health and medical uses .

The charm of the land of Buddha Nepal

Located between two major cultures of China and India , Nepal’s small but not intimidated , by this country scenery and unique cultural background oldest .

Buddha Nepal
1 . Kathmandu Valley

Kathmandu Valley is the center of politics , commerce and culture of Nepal , the first stop for most tourists to this country . Three legendary city of Kathmandu , Patan ( Lalitpur ) and Bhaktapur are located in the Kathmandu valley .

Legend has it that ancient Kathmandu valley is only a lake . Germany drew his sword and cut Manjushiriddax mountain , lake drained and fertile valleys created for people living today. Over the centuries , urban civilization exquisite appearance based on the unique cross between Hinduism and Buddhism . Trade and the arts flourished .

The Newar in Nepal built cities , temples full of fascinating art pilgrims and devotees of these invaders crazy . At the end of the 18th century , becoming the capital of Kathmandu, Nepal , the country ‘s largest city . You can not miss the famous Durbar Square , Swayambhuath Temple , Boudhanath Stupa , Pashupatinath temple and Changu Narayan .
View photos of landscapes in Kathmandu

2 . Nagarkot

Kathmandu to Nagarkot 32 km to the east , is one of the scenic spots in Bhaktapur . When the weather is clear, you can watch the sun rise over the spectacular Himalayas from here . Many tourists come to Nagarkot , overnight sleep only to be scene once witnessed beautiful ” choking ” is. Valley , surrounded by the river Indrawati , colorful transformation with thousands of different species of flowers bloom throughout the spring . The colorful flowers with a peaceful scene of snow-covered peaks Nagarkot has turned into one of the most beautiful places in Nepal and most interesting .

3 . Pokhara City

Pokhara is enchanting city with natural beauty is hard to resist : the snowy peaks , blue lakes , deep canyons smoking hun … Many choose Pokhara Donate to the starting point for climbing and rowing voyage friends . Tranquil scene of Phewa lake and the majestic peaks of Macchapuchre ( 6,977 m high ) make magical tranquility . Pokhara Valley is home to many surrounding jungles , rivers , lakes , and especially green landscape overlooking the Himalayas . You can go to Pokhara from Kathmandu and Bhairawa , near the Indian border by air or road .

Hua Hin Thailand – The paradise land

Hua Hin Thailand – The paradise land

If you need to find ancient pieces , a few dark corners alternates gentle sunset , Hua Hin is the most attractive destination to find old feelings and quiet of their own .

Klai Kangwon Summer Palace

More than half a century , Klai Kangwon Palace where the King Bhumipol Adulyadej ( Rama IX , King of Thailand at present) and Queen Sirikit honeymoon .

Hua Hin
Klai Kangwon Summer Palace is quite isolated in the northern outskirts of Hua Hin . Although built in the early years of the twentieth century , but this place is almost unchanged. Currently, the Royal Thai resort still here . In addition to the main house building style villas , palaces mostly low-rise architecture is Spanish , several dotted Sala Thai style architecture with lower level parallel columns are formed windy corridor . Upstairs are enclosed in double room accommodation .

Contrary to the palace and royal splendor manner , gaudy , colorful in Bangkok , the Summer Palace is open space , weaving between the array of green garden . The color here is not fierce glare , or gimmicky opposition that remained largely neutral , harmony , creating the feeling of relief and relaxation . At the center of the maze with a fountain and some benches painted white wooden legs for travelers . Near the entrance , the Royal museum displays photos, memorabilia and royal seat is also for tourists to buy souvenirs .

Hua Hin Thailand – The paradise land .

Hua Hin train station

Station built during the reign of King Rama VII , coinciding with the period Hua Hin was chosen as the summer retreat of the king . Hua Hin Railway Station with wooden architecture and traditional Thai Sala primarily to serve the convenience of moving from Royal Bangkok to Hua Hin . Hua Hin railway station is one of the most beautiful and antique railway station in Thailand , today became inseparable symbol of this city .

At this point in the afternoon , when the city began to light up , you will see like yesterday traditions that are returned . After jingle bells , train and also busy selecting the end of the day to come, and rush to hurry through. Station in the quiet old with golden light spilled onto the sticky wood lacquer same time span lingering loose words .
san – ga – JPG_1380013902_1380014005.jpg
Pace in the field of peace when there are no trains . Photo: gotothai .

Hua Hin Shopping and culinary

After leaving Hua Hin train station , from the station entrance , turn left and walk along the street running through the front of the station , you will see Hua Hin night market bustle and smells fragrant Thai food . This bazaar will surely make you enjoy is listed food , souvenirs and boisterous voices laughing .

You can also visit Pleanwan to buy antique items for his unique and family . Pleanwan eco-village model is the first vintage in Thailand . The entire village was rebuilt in 2009 with the purpose of reproduction and storage features activities from Hua Hin where there is a fishing village with small fishing port .

Hua Hin Thailand – The paradise land .

Here, you will see pictures of the house on his anchor and pillar of all activities taking place high above the living tradition of the residents familiar waters . In the old space , the story of Hua Hin in the past recounted stalls selling traditional cast presentation interspersed between the imitation antiques shop . Many street corners along the ancient lifestyle of Hua Hin is redrawn with large murals .
If you find something great , a work that overwhelmed you , you probably will not find in Hua Hin . But this is definitely a great destination for you and your family to leave the place prosperous city , returning to something old , simplicity , intimacy and warmth of the day is not too distant past

Hua Hin Thailand – The paradise land .

The most beautiful clock towers in the world

The most beautiful clock towers in the world

Tower clock not only means that there is only time for many exhibits historical events . They become architectural icons and tourist attractions around the world .

most beautiful clock towers
Big Ben clock tower located in the center of London, UK . Completed in 1859 , the tower was built with stone slabs , big marble and became one of the symbols of the land of fog . In 2012, Big Ben was renamed Clock Tower Elizabeth ‘s Diamond Anniversary celebration of the Queen – Elizabeth .
Saviour Russian clock tower
Saviour Russian clock tower was designed in 1491 by architect Italy – Pietro Antonio Solari . Saviour began operation in 1625 . By 1851 , the tower was renovated and add pentagram . Star bright , day and night , and as a continuous rotating pinwheel

The most beautiful clock towers in the world .

Zytglogge tower
In the land of Swiss watches , Zytglogge tower 54.5 m tall with medieval . First, do Zytglogge guard mission west of Bern , and was used as a prison inmate , before returning to its proper name astronomical clock tower . In the 15th century , the astronomical clock was moved to predict the position of planets and determine day of the week . The architecture of the clock slowly changing times each century and most recently renovated in 1890 .


Sultan Abdul Samad Clock Tower
Sultan Abdul Samad Clock Tower located in Malaysia’s capital, Kuala Lumpur . Built in 1897 under British colonial rule , associated buildings and clock tower is an integral part of Merdeka Square . This is the architecture of the mosque is adorned by the Moroccan style . Tower as living witnesses of the event down the British flag , flag Malaysia on 08.31.1957 , end of period colonial countries.


Rajabai Clock Tower

Rajabai Clock Tower was built in dorm Mumbai University , India in the 19th century . The father of this work is the architect George Gilbert Scott . This is particularly the British architect who never once set foot in Mumbai , he only sent the design from its offices in the capital London . Rajabai Clock Tower evaluated many similarities with the Big Ben clock tower .

The most beautiful clock towers in the world .

travel to Australia – paradise of the world

travel to Australia – paradise of the world

Australia have so far been considered tourist paradise , where welcoming more than 10,000 visitors to the beaches and deserts and tropical forests interspersed ecosystem unique .

If Canberra is considered exemplary administrative center in the world ‘s most glamorous visitors to Sydney by economic activities and entertainment . Opera Theatre of the Sydney opera house , also known as the Opera House is world known for its unique appearance bayside beach .

Not far from Sydney ‘s forests as Blue mountain ranges ( Green Mountain ) with figure 3 sisters are named for 3 rocks formed during the process of soil erosion . In addition, Australia is also known for the city of Melbourne with the bustling shopping district , which is ranked high in the list of most livable cities in the world .

paradise of the world

Australia – paradise of the world .

Australia is where flocks kangaroo can jump in the car the night before the city or the wild horse sauntered side highway to Kings Canyon . In particular , the country also has the Great Barrier Reef , where thousands gather species of marine animals , beautiful corals .

At this point , you are constantly watching the tiny koala bears , herds of sheep , dairy cows leisurely grazing on prairie along the road to the Great Ocean Road , where grows 12 stones on the seashore referred to as the 12 apostles in the legend . In addition, you can also bath in Palm Cove beach or White Sunday Island , Mount blade red watch Uluru in the Red Centre region – the symbol of Australia .

Sydney Opera House

What other fascinating tourist attraction is the 4 season passes to experience the journey sitting on the railway ” Ghan ” connecting Adelaide in the south to Darwin in the north , or to take the time to visit Broome romantic sunset . The most interesting excursions in the itinerary will remain the hour ‘s drive to the desert Nambung National Park , where seemingly boring turned out to contain the amazing biodiversity .

Coral reefs surrounded Queenslands coast is the place to enjoy the sunny days , tropical blue water , beauty aquarium with over 300 species of coral . Through millions of years of evolutionary isolation from other continents , Australia is home to a dynamic ecosystem exotic plants , not endemic in any other place in the world .

Australia – paradise of the world .

Places to travel alone in the world

The alone places in the world

For many reasons , the following sites are absent from the lives and become ” lonely ” on earth , and they are places to travel alone in the world .

Snake Island

alone places in the world
Located in Brazil , the island is one of the few people in the world live . The reason is the presence of poisonous snakes with very large numbers on the island . No one is brave enough to live in a poisonous snake ” dominance ” . It was rumored that the snakes so much that every square meter of land has at least one snake .


As one of the most cold and dry earth , Antarctica is known as ” ice desert ” . It covered by snow all year round . There is no doubt that the South Pole is in the list of ” alone ” in the world . Those who arrived here often just the researchers , explorers and scientists .

Even the name of this place described “cool ” how . Sparsely populated Iceland is really boring and lonely . Moreover, the island seems difficult to live as many volcanoes are still releasing smoke .

Kalahari Desert

Kalahari Desert
Kalahari is one of the hottest deserts and the least inhabited world . It is hard to survive here when rainfall is low too long hot desert endless . Before this place was also a land of many trees , but now the river has run dry , green grass disappeared leaving only the silver dune sand and grass .

Places to travel alone in the world .

West Sahara Desert

West Sahara Desert
Sahara is one of the harshest places on earth . Desert Area fierce but very large population , the ” scarcity ” . Scorching temperatures have turned the place into the quietest place on earth .

Only 3 people per km2 live in Guiana ( French ) . Tropical weather of this region was inhabited for many birds and animals are endangered . Keep up to Guyane journey and adventure in the land of ” alone” in this .

Places to travel alone in the world .

Haw Par Villa Park bizarre in Singapore

Haw Par Villa Park bizarre in Singapore .

If you are in Singapore and want to visit a completely different location , go to Haw Par Villa .

” Why do you want to go there ? ” , The taxi driver asked us, while browsing through the morning mist . ” I think this place has closed. Nor point and tourist attractions in Singapore . Why did not the aquarium ? ” .

Haw Par Villa Park

Despite hearing the driver say , we still undeterred and continued towards Haw Par Villa , the most exotic destinations in Singapore (probably all of Asia ) . Haw Par Villa Park with all sorts of colorful objects , simulating a Chinese folk story . The park was built in 1937 by two Chinese businessmen moved to Singapore . Decades passed, everything is completely different . Today, the list of destinations in Singapore seem endless . Meanwhile , Haw Par Villa has ” all the time ” and become lonely , that many locals thought it was closed .

Haw Par Villa is really bizarre , at least for those who do not know about Chinese folklore . If the terms of the children’s park , Haw Par Villa is quite scary .

We walked through the gate under the eyes of two subjects followed by concrete ferocious tiger farming sides . First meets the eye is a pig dressed audience . After a series of scenes that are busy men butchering each mouse , bleeding profusely everywhere. Strangely most important woman for feeding an old man . After this we get to know a new character that old man married the girl’s father .

The most famous scene in Haw Par Villa is ” ten courts of hell .” This place is a tunnel in size and shape like a car wash shop . People go through this tunnel in death . Inside, the tragic soul drifted or hovering stabbing thorns . Read the list of sins punished as hell , we feel sorry for cheating , copying the next post will be carved intestine . I’m really cool hair-raising . This can be good or bad carpentry obsession for thousands of children in Singapore .

If for Singapore as a modern individual , busy , a successful businessman , the Haw Par Villa did not fit in with the overall image . This park is bizarre secrets from the distant past , hidden behind ” Amani suit ” modern and trendy Singapore .