Go to Jaisalmer – land of dreams

Go to Jaisalmer – land of dreams

Jaisalmer – ‘Golden City’ in North India featuring spectacular fortress existed since the 12th century filled with yellow sand of the desert. It’s like a dream land of mystical fairy tale ‘Thousand and One Nights’.

Go to Jaisalmer – land of dreams .

With 1.3 billion people, mainly vehicles from region to region of the Indian people is the train. Train system in India depending on the type of the world’s busiest, a day Varanasi station as trains have to visit 230 minutes to pay and pick up. And no where in the world, cheap train tickets here. An economy class ticket from Delhi to lie Jasaimer, takes 18 hours only cost about 200,000.
Jaisalmer is the last city of Rajasthan is located on the vast Thar Desert in northwestern India. The city is also known under the name “Golden City”. And true to its name, the station set foot in Jaisalmer, a yellow sandstone cover the city, from the heritage of the historic architecture of the houses of the people.

As the country’s religious history to go through many changes in the religious war between Hindus and Muslims of India should have a system very special heritage and spread across the country. Religious influence also scramble up to the heritage are very beautiful and spectacular. Famous for its Hindu temples, Buddhist noted by the temple buildings .

From Golden Fort looked through a doorway, beneath the houses of the inhabitants of Jaisalmer city.

Go to Jaisalmer – land of dreams .

In Jaisalmer, Golden Fort spectacular fortress impress strongly located in the city center, with prominent yellow desert sand. This fort was built in 1156 during the reign of King Rawal Jaisal and so far has been considered as one of the largest forts in the world.

At different times of the day, though still with a dominant yellow, but the color of the Golden Fort also change the sun shines on: when is the brilliant yellow of dawn, when golden brown gray spray every time the clouds, then yellow bile in the sunset …

Unlike legacy in India and many parts of the world, only to tourists admire, Golden Fort is a heritage “live”, where you live and the business of the city residents. Inside the fort there are small shops sold handicrafts items, Leopard build, beautiful tapestries, or the beautiful souvenirs. Visitors may have crept in walking fortress, could have chosen a cafe with a nice view to see the whole city because of the prime location in Golden Fort.

Go to Jaisalmer – land of dreams .

But not only in Jaisalmer Golden Fort magnificent as the land of the fairy “Thousand and One Nights,” which is also famous for the journey to the Thar desert on camel back.

Thar Desert in Jaisalmer is a semi-desert type, ie not only the vast sand dunes that still grow trees, the village’s inhabitants. Along the way there are occasional deer spiraling release, the goats and sheep grazing leisurely, the focus of the spread wings to attract mates, or varieties of wildflowers growing on the sand with very eye-catching shapes.

When the red sun fading amniotic then, darkness covered all the desert with the wind chill. Visitors are taken to the nearby village of indigenous people to enjoy a show of traditional folk from Rajasthan and then go back for dinner, the flickering flames of a fire in the desert.

Go to Jaisalmer – land of dreams .

These delicious dishes to try on India

These delicious dishes to try on India , I’m sure you will like them .

In addition to flavor dishes odor concentration is Carri, anise, chili powder and countless other flavors, you taste the delicacies interesting very popular in India.

Lassi Yogurt

In the dish in India, the most popular is the lassi, a yogurt drink fermented goats and good for health. Lassi divided into several types, sour, sweet and fruit. Price per cup Lassi 20 Pr (8,000 VND). From the most luxurious restaurants or sidewalk stalls are selling lassi. The most interesting are the goblet containing lassi is made of simple clay.

delicious dishes

Naan bread

The Naan pie dough is made daily dish of India. Naan Bread is served with Carri or do not eat. Naan bread with cheese’s also very delicious. Two Naan bread is hot enough for breakfast, delicious and cheap.

Naan bread


Traditional dishes are available in the table and in the shops Thali menu. This is the common name of popular foods including rice, naan bread, Carri bean, Carri potatoes, unsweetened yogurt and a few other items. Thali is placed in the tray with several small bowls. Prices range 50Rp – 150Pp ($1 – $3).

Chicken Rice Carri

Carri chicken rice dish is easy to make in the Indian restaurants. With its special flavor and golden color, this easy dish attractive people can eat Carri. Carri bold are easy to eat with hot rice.
Chicken Rice Carri

Samosa Cake

After the meal, just cake dessert with Samosa, made famous taro, bread is usually triangular, semicircular or tetrahedral shape. Cake may be the sweet or the salty very attractive. Note to anyone not eat bread Samosa Carri sold on the street as there is in the taste.
Samosa Cake


Just blowing hot milk tea drinking is just another special drinks throughout the streets of India. With 2 -3 Rp (8000-12000 contract), you get a cup of milk tea hot enough. At some point, you can always throw a terracotta cup. Beverage items from the sidewalk, every alley in the freezing hallway tourists and visitors filled the station.


Fairyland in Ngu Hanh Son

The subtle shift light array in the Huyen Khong makes you feel like you stepped between first place Penglai scene. It is not only attractive pure tourists but also many travelers on religious topics.

Ngu Hanh Son

Down the coastal road from Da Nang to Hoi side, more than 10 km long stretch is the Non Nuoc – Ngu Hanh Son.

To reach the Huyen Khong, must go through the Flower Adornment, the heart is located on the edge of a mountain, fresh air, pleasant. Step a few steps, the fairy scene out front. Heard about the work, many people will think about going into a dark cave with light as many other places, but the Huyen Khong completely different. From the door, a blast of light from the sun shining outside things that are floating in space. Huyen Khong Cave was the road, big and small holes into the dome ceiling windows creating natural light especially made for the occasion from outside rushed in, illuminating everything in the landscape.

The light moved from time to time during the day, especially the morning and run around in, lighting up every corner. Light danced inside the dome wide with high ceilings create magical beauty to the Huyen Khong. Regardless visitor steps to the door, whether West or I will loudly in surprise and delight at the sight of this unique natural color.

Both parties up and down stairs with similar Protector (2 2 Mr Good and Mr Evil). In the middle is high Buddha image and the color hidden rocks. Immediately below Stratum altar, on the right is the shrine Convex Africa, have left the shrine Ngoc Phi. In one corner of the cave, every drop of water falls in two pure as stalactites.

Cliff is right temple Dignified Self built in 1825, three times. Guan Yin Buddha in the main room, left the church 3 Kwan, Quan Binh Chau Xuong and symbolizes virtue, courage and loyalty position. In particular, ancestor worship right time, Ms. Moon, where the young couple to the coast, would be forced hymen pink yarn hundred years of happiness. Walls left in the corner next to the entrance of the church of Tam Da Phuoc Loc Tho. Huyen Khong Cave stalactites, but not many have the natural beauty where there is rare.

Spiritual world covering space, natural light flows moving moment of the day by creating magical array of colors, making the heart more fanciful. Many guests linger against mischievous joke with sunshine in fairyland at Marble Mountain.

At its foot is a lot of craft shops selling all kinds of stone statues display, jewelry made from Non Nuoc stone. Marble Mountain about 10 km from Da Nang, Hoi An, a more than 20 km, you can rent motorbikes to run easy here ..

Comparer les contrats d’assurance obsèques

Que ce soit une assurance obsèques en capital ou une assurance obsèques en prestation, le but de la souscription est de décharger financièrement les proches de la réalisation vos futures funérailles.Toutefois, il faut être vigilant avant de conclure la signature d’un contrat d’assurance obsèques auprès d’une compagnie.A cet effet, il serait strictement important de vérifier les lignes suivantes :le délai de carence et ses détails• Certains contrats d’assurance disposent d’un délai de carence qui est prolongé jusqu’à 2 ans, ce qui pourrait retarder extrêmement l’application du contrat pour deux années après la souscription sauf dans le cadre d’un décès accidentel.comparateur-mutuelle-assurance-sante.com

• Il serait avantageux de choisir un contrat qui ne dispose pas de délai de carence ou sinon d’un délai de carence sensiblement inférieur à un an ;les frais administratifs du contrat de souscription : dans certains cas, ces frais pourront être démesurés les différentes exclusions : c’est-à-dire, les postes qui ne seront nullement garantis et auxquels, le contrat n’aurait aucun effet ;les modalités de remboursement et les rémunérations annuelles du capital constitué ;les formalités de résiliation du contrat ;les conditions générales du contrat d’assurance ;• Il est important de faire lecture attentive ;• De sa part, l’assureur est dans l’obligation de les remettre au client avant toute signature.

48-hour journey at Hiroshima

Hiroshima is the name associated with atomic disaster since World War II. Today, the city has flourished and attracted many tourists. Here are the hints point should not be overlooked when visiting this place.

Day 1: Learn about the history of Hiroshima

Morning: Visit the atomic bomb dome (Atomic Bomb Dome) and the memorial. Atomic bomb Dome (Atomic Bomb Dome) is one of the remaining work after the Allied atomic bomb on Hiroshima on 08/06/1945. From the atomic bomb dome, walk along the River Ota is the Peace Memorial Park. Stroll in the park, you will see Memorial Hiroshima National Peace for the victims of the atomic bombing.


Hundreds of thousands of people have died in the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. In addition to remembering the pain has not gone through in the past, the museum also introduces the peace activists tirelessly of Hiroshima, call abandon nuclear weapons worldwide.

Afternoon: Learn more about the past of Hiroshima. Some tourists come to Hiroshima to visit the memorial site of the bombing victims. This is unfortunate. Take a visit to Hiroshima castle far past time, learn the nobility of life ever existed on this land. If you come in spring, you will have the opportunity to admire the castle gardens steeped in cherry blossoms bloom.
Evening: Relax with the sports, go shopping or enjoy a few cocktails. You will regret if not once tried playing baseball, favorite sports here. Then you can go shopping at Arcade Hondori before stopping at Yatai Ninjo Ganko to enjoy special Okonomiyaki.

Day 2: Treasure Island and the fun in the city

Morning: Explore the island of Miyajima. Catch a ferry from Miyajimaguchi (about 25 minutes south of Hiroshi station) to get to Miyajima. Let sit in the upper deck, you can see Torri lipstick (traditional Japanese gate at the entrance to Shinto shrines) protruding from the blue waters of the sea. Once there, go to the right side of the ferry and romance along the water, you’ll easily caught ‘residents’ of the famous island: the small deer. After a few minutes walk, you will come Itsukushima shrine god. Please take a moment to walk in this beautiful temple.

Lunch: Enjoy the oysters on the island. The only thing you should eat oysters here is delicious, especially when just baked. Stop in Kaki-ya to enjoy delicious lunch will be your right decision.


Afternoon and evening: Experience the culture and nightlife. Miyajima there are enough things you can Footbinding few days here. But if you’ve seen enough, go back to the ferry to explore the culture of Hiroshima. Art Museum owns an impressive collection of famous artists such as Picasso, Van Gogh, … In addition, you can also visit the Museum of Contemporary Art and Hiroshima City Museum of Mazda, …

This is your last night in the city so get out and go to a karaoke bar near the Aioi-dori or spend the night to enjoy rock music at Koba.

Village falcon in China

Village falcon in China

Falcons in the wild are wild animals and humans separate. However, in the village of Tun Ying, Jilin Province, China, trained birds is an ancient tradition of the Manchurian conservation.

falcon in china
A black dot appears on the gray sky of dawn from a distance, flying through the cold breeze and slowly apparent. Shrill whistle shrieked, majestic birds soar to find yourself the perfect perch on the arm of Zhao Mingzhe – “falcon king” of Tun Ying.

Village falcon in China .

In China’s Jilin Province, Ying Tun small rural community known as “the village hawk”. Like 55-year-old man Zhao Mingzhe, many ancestors of previous generations has devoted his whole life to the upbringing and training have fur animals this fierce.
Jilin Province is one of the most secluded and isolated in China. Located deep in the east and the border separating North Korea and Russia. It is the province of the Manchu ethnic minority, who are trying to preserve the cultural values ​​of their own traditions.

Trained falcon is one of them, this traditional type of appearance is determined from the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), a time when the Manchus ruled. Like hunting and horse racing, falcon feeding was the recreation of the royalty annually by hawk is seen as a symbol of courage and strength to conquer the last of human nature.

Village falcon in China .

Catching the falcon.

Today, the falcon is trained by most of the men in Ying Tun, an estimated area of ​​about 3,000 households.

“The hawk can be trained to hunt from 10 to 20 red pheasant in a day, which means people can get up to 150 yuan (about 24 USD) for every sale in local markets means, “Jia said. “This money is used as a source of additional income families.” However, those who are not only trained falcons do this job for the money but for the passion and effort for the preservation of traditional culture.
Trained hunting falcons.

The trainer of falcons Ying Tun – locals call them with the name “Yingbashi” (the falcon master), always sticking close to his hawk.

Village falcon in China . .

5 places you shoud visit in Ulsan city

70 km from north of Busan, Ulsan is the seventh largest city in Korea with highly developed industry, and owns 12 mountains with unique natural wonders.

Ulsan city
Park Taehwagang
Ulsan City welcome by a green bamboo forest 4 km long river bank Taehwagang. This is the green lung of the city, where there are a lot of people come every day to practice sports and walk. Taehwagang River that used to be heavily polluted due to new industry development in Ulsan. In recreating the whole city, the river has been dredged and cleaned. Trees are planted all over the place with the desire to revive the city.

Stone carving Museum Bangudae

Museum shows the history of a long development of Ulsan. These petroglyphs were discovered 12 / 1970s. Along the stream Deagokcheon, people have found many petroglyphs carved describes the life and flora and fauna of ancient human Ulsan, especially images depicting dolphins are so many everywhere in the city.
Whale Museum Jangsaengpo

This is where the description of the most powerful reasons why there Ulsan city icon image as whales and dolphins. From many years ago, whales at sea appeared Ulsan area. In the museum displays many pictures whales, from the giant skeleton, the products made from whales to the previous image, the time period is allowed to whale hunting sea around Ulsan. Pictures of whales are portrayed on every street of Ulsan: signposted from the plate, the seats coastal resorts, the sewer lid or embossed on the statue.

Pottery Village Onggi

The village producing traditional ceramic largest in Korea. Onggi product is made of earthenware jars relatively well known in Korean food culture. The color of the ceramic remains of terracotta color, the other product of the soil brought such beauty, this traditional product already exists in Korean history from 5,000 years ago and is the pride of the people the kimchi. The terracotta pots with similar, kimchi types are present across the country and South Korea have long become special subculture in this country only.

Hyundai Industrial Park

Shipyard located coastal Ulsan was founded in 1972 and is the largest shipyard in the world. Hyundai to visit, you are only allowed to sit in the car to go a full round but overwhelmed by the orchestra of cranes, crane, pillar, the container of the entire industry. Hyundai is one of Korea’s legendary road confirms the strong industry in the international arena.

Migratory season of flamingos in Kenya

Migratory season of flamingos in Kenya

August is the time when birds start migrating flamingos around the lakes in Kenya. Visitors should not miss the opportunity to admire the ‘dance flamingos’ as captivating here.


Migratory season of flamingos in Kenya .

Kenya is one of the most beautiful watch flamingos in the world. The diversity of species of flamingos help Kenya attract large number of tourists every year. From the vast grasslands to shrubs in the reserve, you will easily see flocks of flamingos in flight or preening huddled on the lake. The travel professionals can count from 500 to 600 species of flamingos appear here in two weeks.

Flamingos are wading birds live mainly in Western and Eastern hemispheres. Worldwide, hundreds of flamingos with scientific names are usually placed in living areas and foraging as: Caribbean flamingos, flamingos European, Chilean flamingos …
The best time to observe the birds and admire the scenery will make you “hold your breath” is from late August to early April. This time, they are starting to migrate to Lake Bogoria in the Rift Valley. Every year, the sheer brilliance of this bird moves back and forth between the lake: Nakuru, Lake Naivasha and Lake Bogoria to find food.

Migratory season of flamingos in Kenya .

Among them, Lake Nakuru is known as “flamingo paradise”, by source of algal abundance and diversity are attractive birds. According to statistics, every year more than one million flamingos concentrated focus on the lake, the total amount of algae consumed up to 500 tons of algae per day. In particular, distribution flamingos and the ideal temperature of the deep water becomes alkaline combined favorable environment for the growth of algae proliferation.
Lake Nakuru National Park was formed in 1961, around the lake for the purpose of protecting the landscape and the wildlife living in the area. In recent years, the amount of water the dry season has been a big change directly affects the particular species of flamingos and other animals at Lake Nakuru in general. The reason stems from the watershed land conversion to crop production especially with the rapid urbanization taking place one day. Water source, the moisture contamination, the number of Nakuru flamingos descending. They started moving into the nearby lake as Elmentenia, Simbi Nyaima or Bogoria.
Migratory season of flamingos in Kenya .

student life

student life in the world

1.student life in Japan

Students to Japan after the major means of transport is bicycle, bus and underground train. In areas of big cities like Tokyo, Osaka, students travel by bus or subway. Elsewhere, students often use bicycles or motorcycles (if there by motorcycle, and the change in law enforcement motorcycle will be the guide). Bicycles and motorcycles in Japan are very low, students can purchase the car from locking students before, or rent a car in the dorm.

student life

2.student life in USA

Most students in U.S. universities live in or near the hostel and take advantage of opportunities to participate in student activities such as skiing, visiting different cities and so on … These activities exposed this will dramatically improve your language skills.

The American has fun lifestyle , friendly and pleasant. They tend to be passionate and love to meet new friends, like to join the party and enjoy visiting new places. Schools often have cultural events, sports, arts so you can participate. And there are other scenic spots, the commercial and cultural center for you to explore.

3.student life in UK

When you come to the UK, will have a lot of support to help you settle down.

Most of the UK will welcome event for international students, with a welcome speech from a representative case, a meal or a party. This is a great opportunity to acquaint you with the other international students, as well as a new surprise to the UK.

You can also participate in “Orientation Programme for international students.” This program will take you to visit the school and the neighboring required places.