health studies

health studies

1.Disinfect the wound with honey

health studies
Apply a little honey on a cut before bandaging it, honey has powerful antibacterial properties. A recent study shows that it is capable of destroying most bacteria infecting wounds most popular.

2.Drinking high fever
When you are high fever, drink plenty of water. Also, you put an ice pack under your arm or groin. Will make you a bit uncomfortable but fast fever. Then go to the doctor.

3.Not necessarily to buy antibacterial soap
You have absolutely no reason to buy antibacterial soap. According to the American Medical Association, there is no scientific evidence to prove the exact soap antibacterial effect of preventing infections than regular soap.

4.Black pepper healing
Next time you accidentally cut his hand while in the kitchen, wash with clean water, then sprinkle a little pepper on top, pressing down hard, the blood will stop flowing. Black pepper has analgesic, antibacterial special and disinfection.