Dance as one art form to express emotion, show off skills, more dance, traditional dance has become a symbol of the intangible world countries.
1 . Celestial

This dance has existed for thousands of years in Campuchi from this . Even pictures of elegant dancers have been carved into the walls in many ancient works majestic Angkor Wat .

2 . Bellydance

Belly dancing , also known as a dance raq Sharqu comes from the Middle East . At first it was just passed down in the family and performed in important rituals . Gradually , this seductive dance has spread to become the art world’s most popular .

3 . Flamenco

Derived from the Andalusian songs , Spanish dance in red dress and proud became a symbol of the country gaur . The dance represents the feelings of a prayer life and a wish for a better life .

4 . Bharata Natyam

Developed centuries ago in the temples of South India , the dance was originally intended to dedicate the gods , later became an art form passed down through the generations .

5 . Fandango

Tone Fandango is one of the traditional dances in Portugal , in which the dancers legs knocked to the floor and position changes in the rules are quite complex .

6 . cancan

The beautiful female dancers in long skirts , black socks and move extremely sexy , sexy is what makes the beauty of the dance Cancan . Over the years , this dance has always been a symbol of the spirit of France .

7 . Kabuki

Kabuki is the theater of ancient art in Japan , in which the actor and acting , just dancing in traditional costume kimono . The performance is one of the Kabuki performances are preferred when visitors to Japan .

8 . Jump wave

Fluid dance like a wave of water comes from the cold country of Ireland . The dancers can dance alone or dancing in groups and make quick movements and flexibility in the foot , while the upper body remains quiet .

9 . jump newsstand

Is the traditional dance of the Philippines as Tinikling originated from … Spain. When done , two dancers will stomp true skill to avoid bamboo , wood by others typing rhythm . This dance also appeared in the mountains of northern Vietnam .

10 . Cossack

Cossack , also known as GOPAK the traditional dance of Ukraine , in which the dancers seemed hopping , bending his fancy circus is like .

11 . Kathak

As one of eight traditional dance of India, Kathak is derived from the nomadic group in northern India since time immemorial .

12 . Kekak

The dance combines with the singing of Indonesia is usually based on the tales of Indian origin , especially the Ramayana . This is one of the screen ‘s favorite tourists traveling to the island of Bali .

13 . Tango

Derived from country Argentina , bold dance Latin charm but still have the technical sophistication , complexity makes the dancers and the audience captivated .

14 . Capoiera

As the perfect combination between dance and martial arts , Capoeira is one of the cultural highlights of the interesting country Brazil .