14 famous bridges in the world

The great architectural works always attract the attention of tourists to visit and explore , including 14 world famous bridge .
1 . Great Belt Bridge , Denmark
Great Belt bridge consists of two (one in the east and in the west part ) and separated by small islands Sporo . Long suspension bridge at 1624 meters east , running through StoreBelt , located between the island of Zealand and Sprogo . This is one of the main span bridge in the world . Two towers of the eastern branch is the highest point ( 254 m higher than sea level ) in Denmark . West Branch bridge 6611 meters long , connected Sprogo and Funen , is a combination of rail and road . Guests will really enjoy the panoramic view from around the globe.

2 . Chapel , Switzerland

204 m long Chapel Bridge , spanning the Reuss River in the city of Luzerne in Switzerland . This is old wood covered bridge in Europe and is one of the main tourist attractions in Switzerland . Bridge built in 1333 , is designed to protect the city against Luzerne attacks . Inside the bridge has exhibited paintings from the 17th century depicting historical events of Luzerne . Many paintings and major parts of the bridge were destroyed in a fire in 1993. However, it was quickly rebuilt afterwards.

3 . Chengyang , China

Chengyang , China
Chengyang Bridge was built in 1916 . This is the most famous bridge over other bridges in the Dong Minority of China. Linxi bridges , built of wood and stone , the longest of all the wind and rain bridge in China . Chengyang Bridge 64.4 m long , 3.4 m wide and 10.6 m high . This is the building attracts many tourists .

4 . The Alcantara , Spain
Alcántara Bridge
Spanning the River Tagus at Alcantara in Spain , Alcantara is the masterpiece of ancient Roman times . The bridge was built in the middle of the year 104-106 , the orders of the Emperor Trajan , in the year 98 AD . Alcantara Bridge suffered damage from war than by natural effects . The Moroccan was ruin the smallest bridge on one side , while the second bridge across the destroyed by the Spaniards during the struggle against the Portuguese . Ancient architecture attraction tourists to explore this historic bridges of the Spanish nation .

5 . Sydney Harbour Bridge , Australia

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney Harbour Bridge is one of the most famous bridges in Australia and is home to many beautiful photos can be taken with many different angles . This is the bridge arcs form the largest steel (not the largest ) in the world with the high point of 134 m from the port of Sydney . It took 8 years to build the bridge was completed and inaugurated on March nam1932 . Because steel can expand the heater temperature should be high this bridge up or down to about 18 cm . This is the tourist attractions of Australia.

6 . The Stari Most, Bosnia

Stari Most, Bosnia
Stari Most ( ” old bridge ” ) is a bridge spanning the river Naretva famous city of Mostar Bosnia and Herzegovina . Turkish bridge is built in 1566 and existed for 427 years , until it was destroyed in 1993 during the Bosnian war . Subsequently, a project was launched to rebuild the bridge and the new bridge was opened in 2004 . The bridge is outstanding masterpiece of Bosnia .

7 . The Si – o – se Pol , Iran
The Si - o - se Pol , Iran
Si – o – se Pol ( bridge of 33 spans ) is famous bridges of Isfahan city in Iran . Bridge was built in 1602 by Shah Abbas , tile and stone materials . Si – o – se Pol 295 m long and 13.75 m wide . 40 bridges span the past , but gradually dropped to 33 beats .

8 . The Akashi – Kaikyo , Japan
Akashi - Kaikyo , Japan
Akashi – Kaikyo also known as the Pearl Bridge . This is the longest suspension bridge (1991 m ) in the world. Akashi Strait bridges connecting Awayi Kobe and Iwaya on the island , was built in 12 years and was inaugurated in 1998. Bridge center just before 1990 m long , but the Kobe earthquake on 01.17.1995 has moved 2 towers and adding 1 m .

9 . Rialto , Italy
Rialto , Italy
Rialto is one of four bridges over the Grand Canal in Venice , Italy . This is the oldest bridge across the Grand Canal . The current stone is a single span designed by Antonio da Ponte , built and completed in 1591 . It is used to replace a wooden bridge collapsed in 1524 . Rialto Bridge has become one of the icons of Venice , Italy .

10 . Charles , Czech Republic

Charles , Czech Republic
Charles is the stone Gothic architecture that spans the famous Vltava River in Prague of the Czech Republic . It was built in 1357 , under the auspices of King Charles IV , and finished in the early 15th century . As the only bridge spanning the Vltava River , Charles is the vital link between the old town and the area around Prague Castle . The connection made ​​Prague important as becoming the main commercial axis between eastern and western Europe . Today, this is one of the many scenic attractions to visit Prague with many tourist attractions .

11 . Tower Bridge , UK
Tower Bridge
Tower Bridge spans the River Thame , a symbol of the capital, London , England . Bridge was built in 1886 and opened eight years later . The bridge has two solid towers are designed to withstand the force on the part of the bridge .

12 . Millau Bridge , France
Millau Bridge
Millau Viaduct is the cable giant that spans the valley of the River Tern , near Millau in southern France . This is the highest bridge in the world with the highest landmark was 343 meters higher than the Eiffel tower .

13 . Golden Gate Bridge , USA
Golden Gate Bridge
Golden Gate Bridge is a suspension bridge spanning the Golden Gate linking San Francisco and northern Martin County . This is a masterpiece of architect Joseph B.Strauss . It took 7 years to build this bridge and it was completed in 1937. Golden Gate Bridge was the longest suspension bridge in the world and a symbol of San Francisco and California . Special orange color of the bridge has made ​​it stand out even in times of heavy fog cover .

14 . Ponte Vecchio , Italy
Ponte Vecchio
Ponte Vecchio is the ancient bridge spanning the Arno River in Florence , Italy . Bridge is famous for its bustling shopping stores built along its length … The bridge with the graceful beauty of an ancient history of Italy, attracting many tourists to visit .