Travel Dallas

Introduction to Culinary Dallas

With a density of more restaurants per capita in most types , more than New York City , it is truly mecca for food lovers Dallas . Average people will eat dinner outside it about 4 times per week .
Everything in Dallas are great , including Dallas dishes in most restaurants . The food was elaborately decorated , great food attentive on separate disks for each customers . Ingredients for the meal are imported and distributed operating speed to keep the freshness and quality assurance culinary dishes in Dallas .
Dallas Cuisine featuring grilled dishes ( especially beef ) , Mexican food and Tex – Mex cuisine ( a kind of local cuisine American cuisine combination with Mexico , common in the southern Texas ) . Moreover, this cuisine is extremely diverse with French cuisine and traditional Mediterranean … buffet breakfast ( Breakfast Buffet ) is also very popular in Dallas , and never short ribs on the menu item . The  cuisine to mention attractive as El Fenix ​​, Mi Cocina , the Mansion on Turtle Creek and Frozen Margarita
Some places are renowned for culinary in city .
It has many famous restaurants in Dallas cuisine , with diverse styles that tourists should visit Dallas as :
The Grill on the Alley – 13270 Dallas Pkwy . Suite 1155 , Dallas TX 75240
Rise no. 1-5360 W. Lovers Ln # 220 , Dallas , TX 75209
Pho Colonial – Vietnamese Food Restaurant – 4727 Frankford Road , Suite 409 , Dallas , TX 75287 , …


Dallas is quite hot and humid climate with hurricanes and tornadoes are a threat largest city . Generally Dallas weather is blazing hot summer ( -8 hottest July on 100F ) and cold winters with snow ( temperatures around 30F ) . But Dallas winters relatively tolerate than other states in the U.S. .
Appropriate time travel it .
March – 4 and 9-10 is the peak tourist season it . This time , it’s weather into springtime and collected quite pleasant , with thousands of colorful flowers full bloom . Despite the cool weather is a plus , but hundreds of thousands of tourists flock to it to rising travel prices , especially the prices of  hotels .
Also winter in November to February is a pleasant time to travel to Dallas . But you also should be noted that Dallas weather is quite erratic this season , so always prepare enough warm clothes in case of light snow . December is a time near the end of the football season , everything became quiet after the new year is a good opportunity for your hotel booking with affordable Dallas .
Finally in May to August is the time you should avoid if you are not used to endure extreme heat for several days . But football season started in August with the lines converging on it as well as the atmosphere becomes ” hot ” and more boisterous . Be prepared for her light jacket and sunscreen if you want to soak up the jubilant atmosphere of the occasion okay .
In general , the most appropriate time to book a flight to Dallas from March to April , late August to February next year .