2 methods disable windows 10 update quickly

1. Turn off automatic updating on Windows 10 via Group Policy Editor:
To disable the Automatic Update feature on Windows 10 through the Group Policy Editor, follow these steps:

First open the Group Policy Editor, to do this you press the Windows + R key combination to open the Run command window, then enter gpedit.msc into it and press Enter.

On the Group Policy Editor window you navigate by key:

Computer Configuration => Administrative Templates => Windows Components => Windows Update

Here in the right pane you find Configure Automatic Update, double-click on it and select Disabled, then proceed to save the change is done.


2. Disable automatic Update (update) on Windows 10 using the Administrative Tools
In the Desktop interface, you hit the window key and type update:


There are many options here, you press Windows Update settings or Advanced Windows Update options. The next window is displayed, select Notify to schedule restart instead of Automatic, leave traces in the 2 cells below:


Another fairly new feature in Windows 10 is the system that allows updates through peer-to-peer (p2p) computers. Understanding this is like this: when the update a computer will be considered “host”, and other peers will update through the host. This will help users save bandwidth, and the update will also be faster than downloading directly from the Internet. And to turn off this type of update, you click the link Choose how updates are delivered:


Switch On mode to Off.

Note that many of you have pm, inbox for me and say that in this way, Windows 10 has not really shut down the Update feature. And we must do more radical way, open Services (enter run services and Enter) or go through the path:

Control Panel \ All Control Panel Items \ Administrative Tools

Go to the Windows Update section, set the Startup type to Disable:


OK to save changes, reboot and recheck Windows Update. Note that in this way, Windows Defender can not Update anymore.

You can refer to the link below for more information :