10 interesting places to visit in california

Today I will show you 10 interesting places to visit in california

California owns a lot of beautiful natural scenery , including a large valley with towering mountains , desert areas and hundreds of miles of pristine coastline with beautiful natural scenery dreaming . The most prominent is the Southern California area , this is a major tourist center with vibrant tourist destination as the city of Los Angeles , Santa Monica , San Perradio … Let’s find  destination not to be missed while you  travel to California with us .

1.Redwood National Park

interesting places to visit in california
Redwood National Park is a vast area includes forests , rivers and miles of gorgeous coastline , where visitors can enjoy the exciting outdoor activities . Long distance trekking , horse riding and visiting the park with mountain biking along the trails are featured activities are the most favorite tourists . In addition, visitors can camp by the river banks , trout fishing and kayaking . Along the tour route , visitors will admire the beautiful redwood forest great wildlife viewing and spectacular ocean views while driving along the coast road .

10 interesting places to visit in california .

2.Sea World San Diego

Sea World San Diego
Under sunshine of San Diego , visitors will have the opportunity to see the performances of the daring cetacean species at SeaWorld water park . Through the program , visitors can learn about the ocean and the life of the creatures as dolphins , whales , walruses , penguins and polar bears . The sliding tray performances , dancing fountain , rafting the killer whale attraction visiting Sea World .

3.General Sherman

General Sherman
General Sherman is the name of a Giant Sequoia trees , Sequoia National Park located in California , is named after the legendary generals of the Civil War in the North – South of America . This forest is called by its vast forests owned the world’s largest trees , all trees in the ten largest trees on the planet exists in this forest . In particular , with a height of 275 feet , is the General Sherman tree, the largest , is said to have come of age from 2,300 to 2,700 years old .

10 interesting places to visit in california .

4.Venice Beach

Venice Beach
Venice Beach is a recreation area located west of the city of Los Angeles , known for its beautiful beaches . On weekends , the beach becomes extremely busy , tourists cycling along the beach , play rollerskating , swimming and sunbathing … They all bring a vibrant atmosphere and warm .

10 interesting places to visit in california .

5.Death Valley

Death Valley
Death Valley is a long and narrow valley lying between California and Nevada in the United States . Although considered the driest and lowest place in North America , Death Valley to attract curious tourists by the phenomenon and the unique landscape change . West Valley is a Nevada foothills east of the range , in this area there are a lot adjacent ravine along the horizontal and the tree grows jagged stone columns . Under the dim moonlight , this sight becomes dim scary but under sunlight it looks pretty good on an incredibly magical .

10 interesting places to visit in california .


Disneyland theme park is world famous was opened in 1955 . Disneyland was like a magical world with but each region has different themes like adventure world , reclaiming the world , the future world … Disneyland amusement sure exactly where the most attractive of all children by the extremely interesting game . Also here there are many shops selling gifts , souvenirs , music hall performers , restaurants , cable car … serve visitors .

10 interesting places to visit in california .

7.Big Sur Coastline

Big Sur Coastline
Big Sur Coastline is one of the routes have the most beautiful scenery in the world . This area is quite sparsely populated , however this area annually attracts about 3 million visitors visit . One of the most famous attractions in Big Sur McWay Waterfall , a spectacular waterfall flows along a cliff 80 feet high , surrounded by a sea shore and towering pine forests .

10 interesting places to visit in california .

8.Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe
Lake Tahoe is one of the world’s largest lake , is located along the border between California and Nevada . Lake Tahoe is surrounded by majestic mountains , is a popular tourist destination and a place to organize regular events and fun activities year round . In winter , the main activity takes place is ski in ski , horseback or by car shoes . From spring to autumn , visitors can participate in a variety of water sports activities such as boating, water skiing , swimming …

10 interesting places to visit in california .

9.Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge
Golden Gate Bridge is one of the places most visited tourist attraction in California and the United States . Spread over San Francisco Bay for more than a mile , the Golden Gate Bridge became a famous landmark and one of the most photographed bridge in the world. Highlighted by a brilliant orange-red color , visitors can easily see the Golden Gate bridge despite frequent dense fog covered the area .

10.Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park
Yosemite National Park was named a World Heritage Site in 1984 . Yosemite is famous around the world about the spectacular granite cliffs , waterfalls and majestic pine trees along the great bio- diversity system with more than 160 species of plants . Visitors can hike or drive along the 800 miles of trails to experience beautiful scenery and watching the wildlife .

10 interesting places to visit in california .

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