10 interesting facts about france

Today I will show you 10 interesting facts about france

French is the official language in many countries such as Canada , Ivory Coast , Monaco , Congo …
– ” salut ” in French means implies ” hello ” and ” goodbye ”
– French is the official language of England for 300 years and is the mother tongue of 75 million people around the world.
– French is the official language of the UN Commission .
– 34% of French can speak English .
– Approximately 6-11 million Americans can speak French .

10 interesting facts about france .

2.Love and life
– You are illegal to kiss on railway tracks
– French Kiss is known as kiss of soul .
– France is one of the leading countries where people has high life in the world .
– France men has the lowest obesity rates in the European Union countries while French women have higher obesity rates second behind Denmark .

3.Culture and Tourism
– France is a country with the largest ski World .
– France is also the country receiving the largest number of tourists world , approximately 75 million people each year .
– The first declaration of human rights of France was declared in 1789 .
– France ‘s colonial rule nations second largest in the world , accounting for 8.6% of the territory in the world .
– The famous French invention include heat balloons , submarines and sky diving .
 10 interesting facts about france .
4.Paris – City of Love

interesting facts about france
– Approximately 20% of French live in Paris .
– Paris was named the capital of the world of light , to talk about the genius who came from Paris .
– Once every 7 years , the Eiffel Tower is repainted once .
– The oldest bridge of the city of Pont Neuf Paris called – which means new bridge .
– Location of foreign tourists visit the most is not the Eiffel Tower ( 5.5 million) , or county Louvre ( 5 million) that is Disneyland Paris ( 13 million people ) .

10 interesting facts about france .

5.The other interesting thing
– France is the second largest film producer in the world .
– French croissants are made essentially for the first time in Australia .
– Health Minister of France had declared milk as the national French food .
– France is a country of 28 World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO .
– In France , it is illegal if you take pictures of the police or their vehicles .
– France is the country won more Nobel Prize in literature in the world.
– April Fool’s Day originated in France in 1564 .
– Statue of Liberty is a well-known buildings in France and was awarded the United States in 1886 .

10 interesting facts about france .
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